Where Winds Meet Announces First Closed Beta Test

    Starting on April 19.

    Developer Everstone Studio has announced that a closed beta for Where Winds Meet will begin on April 19. Players can sign up for the game from April 2-April 19, with a pre-download being available on April 15.

    Everstone, the developers of Ten Kingdoms, initially announced Where Winds Meet in August 2022. In Where Winds Meet, players will embark on a journey as a mysterious swordsman navigating throughout China during the Northern Song Dynasty. Various decisions must be made by the swordsman to determine his role in the ongoing conflict. The protagonist has several roles to choose from such as doctor, merchant, or wanderer. 

    Where Winds Meet Confirms Closed Beta, Beginning on April 19

    Where Winds Meet Screenshot

    Everstone Studio has recently revealed that Where Winds Meet will be getting a closed beta. Players based in the United States and Canada with access to a gaming PC can take part in a survey from April 2-April 18. On April 15, players can pre-download the beta. On April 19, select players can begin playing it.

    The press release reveals more details about the upcoming game. It states the following:

    In Where Winds Meet, players will embark on an unforgettable journey in an oriental Wuxia open-world action-adventure RPG set in ancient China’s tumultuous Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era. Players will assume the role of a young swordsman uncovering the mysteries of their own identity, experiencing thrilling adventures in a volatile historical era brimming with infinite possibilities, and crafting their own Wuxia (Chinese Martial Arts Style) stories.

    As a wandering swordsman, players will discover an unparalleled free open world for them to explore, as they embark on an epic adventure through a vast and seamless open world, where breath-taking landscapes unfold before their eyes.

    Rooted in the rich traditions of Chinese history, players can learn and experience the essence of Wuxia martial arts during their adventures and use them as the fundamental means for open-world exploration and problem-solving.

    Lastly, the Where Winds Meet closed beta will begin on April 19. Players in Canada and the US can now take a survey to potentially take part in the upcoming beta.

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