Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7 Review – Mitsuki’s Epiphany

    Mitsuki, a new ally?!

    Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we might finally get Mitsuki as an ally for Boruto! In chapter 7 of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, Mitsuki shows more curiosity towards Boruto, which excites me so much! Many characters are slowly coming to their senses about the omnipotence jutsu, breaking away from Kawaki’s clutches. Things are getting spicy in the ninja world with each chapter!

    But that isn’t all that happened in this story! Let’s review Mitsuki’s epiphany, Boruto and Shikamaru’s strategy to counter Kawaki, and the humanoid Divine Trees’ hunger for Naruto.

    What Happened in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7? 

    While this chapter was short, the quality of it was fantastic. Most of the chapter consisted of the fight between Boruto and Kawaki, which started in the last chapter. Mitsuki experiences a lot of mental conflict involving his relationship with Kawaki. He feels that Kawaki is the ‘Sun’ to his ‘Moon’ that can illuminate him and make his lunar glow light up the darkness. Because of this, he wants to eliminate Boruto, as he feels he is a threat to Kawaki. However, during the fight, Boruto tells Mitsuki that his snakes have not attacked him yet because he is actually his ‘Sun.’ Remember, due to the omnipotence jutsu, Kawaki took Boruto’s place in the world. So no matter what Mitsuki thought, Kawaki never illuminated him.

    Of course, this is a very confusing moment for Mitsuki, but a very important one. Boruto eases Mitsuki by telling him that he has no intention of killing him or Kawaki and that Naruto and Hinata are alive and safe. I honestly didn’t think Boruto would go this far to talk to Mitsuki like this, but it might not be a wrong decision considering that Mitsuki is closer to Kawaki in this reality. Additionally, Boruto gave Mitsuki the heads up that if he needs any help, he can come find him anytime. I’m not sure where Mitsuki is going to take himself going forward, but I will be tuned in no matter what!

    Of course, you already know that Shikamaru is ready to move forward with a strategy. With Boruto having no intention to kill Kawaki, Shikamaru wants Boruto to stay a fugitive and not expose what Kawaki did to the world yet. He wants to let the situation play out and cook more strategies before making a big move.

    What Chapter 7 Paints for the Future

    By the end of the chapter, we see the humanoid divine trees back in their lair. What are they up to this time? They seem to be ready to visit Naruto. The humanoid Divine Trees think that Naruto has the answers to their questions, so they are eager to see him. With all that said, I think a lot of what happened in this chapter paints an exciting picture of what’s to come.

    If the humanoid divine trees are quick enough, I think they will already raid Konoha in search of Naruto. This will lead Shikamaru and Boruto to act quickly and determine the next step in handling things. In Kawaki’s case, he has to worry much more about the truths being exposed about him because the humanoid divine trees are already aware of Naruto’s whereabouts. If the rest of Konoha finds out Naruto is alive, Kawaki’s role will be questioned by everyone. Of course, now that Mitsuki recognizes that something isn’t right with his world, this can set up some potential fights with him against Kawaki. Kawaki treats Mitsuki badly, so I think he will be more tempted to want to help Boruto despite what his memories tell him.

    Overall, I am very excited about the next chapter of Boruto Two Blue Vortex. While some people might feel disappointed because this was a short chapter, I think it provided enough to set up great story developments in the future.

    Chapter 7 is finished, but you can expect Chapter 8 to be released next month! Catch it with VIZ Media on March 20 at 11:00 a.m. EDT / March 21 at 12:00 a.m. JST. Don’t miss out!

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