Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6 Review – Konoha’s Inner Conflict

    We got a big fight coming!

    Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6 brings in many interesting plot points. Shikamaru’s plan for saving the world, the cast learning more about the evolving ten tails, and Mitsuki’s rage towards Boruto were all captivating scenes. Additionally, the story surrounding Shikamaru and his role as Hokage looks very scary. However, let’s run back to what happened in Chapter 5.

    In Chapter 5, a flashback shows Sasuke training Boruto to prepare for future dangers. Unfortunately, Sasuke loses to Code in a later battle. However, he gives Boruto essential tasks in his last words. In the next scene, Konohamaru finds Moegi transformed into a divine tree, promising to save her no matter what. Additionally, Amado learns surprising things about Kawaki’s changes and his forgotten memories. The chapter ends with Boruto and Sarada meeting again, showing deep feelings and hard choices. But what does the rest of Konoha make out of all of this?

    Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6 – Shikamaru’s Sacrifice

    The chapter opens up with a conversation between Shikamaru, Homura, and Koharu. Homura and Koharu are the Hokage’s councilors, for those who don’t know. They essentially assist the Hokage in governing the village and making decisions with Konoha’s best interest in mind. Unfortunately, they feel like Shikamaru is not doing an excellent job of being Hokage. Koharu and Homura question why Boruto has returned to the village despite “killing” Naruto. Shikamaru doesn’t know Boruto’s motives either but mentions that Code was driven away from the village with Boruto’s help. Shikamaru seems to be trying to imply that the village could use Boruto to help with the looming dangers ahead. However, Homura is having none of it, as he reminds Shikamaru that Boruto literally “killed” a Hokage. It would be dishonorable of Konoha not to eliminate Boruto. With the political leaders being beyond frustrated and concerned about Konoha’s next fiscal budget, the councilors are worried about Konoha’s future.

    Shikamaru understands and tries to take his leave before Koharu stops him. She tells him to formally accept the title of the 8th Hokage and stop wasting time. She informs him that not doing this weakens Konoha’s position with the Land of Fire and other villages. Shikamaru ignores the comment and leaves the room. You can tell that Shikamaru is very frustrated about the entire situation. He also wants the best for Konoha but knows that most people in the village won’t agree with his methods. Let’s hope that our man, Shikamaru, can improve this situation.

    Kawaki, Eida, and Daemon Learn of the Divine Trees

    Eida explains the recent developments of Ten Tails to Kawaki and Daemon. She states they have developed self-awareness and want to kill Kawaki, Boruto, Eida, and Naruto. Kawaki is confused about why the Divine Trees are targeting Naruto, but Eida is also clueless. However, Daemon makes a good point that the rest of the world will discover that Kawaki lied about everything if the Claw Grimes come looking for the Hokage. This will make people realize that Naruto is alive, opening up a massive can of worms. Soon after, an awkward silence surrounded the room, and Kawaki got up to leave. 

    It’s wild because I didn’t even think about this. This actually might be the way how Kawaki gets exposed. I can’t imagine how confused the world would be once they realize this. However, I remember that time-skip Kawaki told Boruto in the first chapter, “I will send you to the same place as the Seventh.” This implies that Naruto and Hinata would still be sealed away, and Kawaki and Boruto would still be alive. Does this mean that the Divine Trees never reach their goal? This is all interesting to think about.

    Boruto, Sarada, and Sumire’s Reunion Interrupted

    Boruto, Sarada, and Sumire gathered from the previous chapter to catch up with each other. It’s pretty funny because Sarada starts blushing due to her hugging Boruto from the last chapter. They are all so glad to see each other, and everyone seems fine. Sumire is worried Boruto might get detected, but he eases her feelings. He erased his chakra signature, but he knew that Kawaki would eventually detect him. He tries to quickly talk about Sasuke to Sarada by telling her that Ten-Tails has absorbed him. Understandably, the news shocks Sarada, but Sumire wonders why these Claw Grimes eat non-Ohtsutsuki people. Unfortunately, Boruto still does not know why these humanoid Ten-Tails have already turned into divine trees.

    Additionally, Kawaki detects Boruto later, but Mitsuki makes him unconscious somehow. He does this because he knows that Boruto will also detect Kawaki when he is near. Mitsuki chooses to chase down Boruto because Boruto can’t detect when he is near. It would make for a great surprise attack. Mitsuki tells Shikamaru the news and makes his way towards Boruto. Interestingly, Shikamaru instantly communicates with Boruto using Ino’s Mind Transfer Jutsu. He warns him that Mitsuki is coming to attack him, and instantly, Mitsuki’s snakes surround Boruto. Somehow, very swiftly, Boruto yanks his sword in the air and does Flying Raijin to teleport away from the snakes. I love that despite Boruto feeling that he needs to improve at doing the jutsu, he still pulls it off in the coolest ways. Boruto jumps away and promises Sarada that he will rescue Sasuke and everyone else who turned into trees. He said he would rescue someone else but stopped himself for some reason and left. I think he might’ve thought about Naruto there. Or maybe he was thinking about someone else?

    Shikamaru Wants to Help Boruto

    Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6 ends with a scene between Boruto and Shikamaru. As Boruto dashes away, Shikamaru gets back into contact with him and tries to get his point across. He says that despite the Land of Fire wanting to eliminate Boruto, he still wants to help somehow. Boruto doesn’t want his help, but Shikamaru quickly mentions that he thinks he is actually Uzumaki Boruto. While he still has trouble accepting that, the conversation with Amado makes him realize something is wrong. Unfortunately, the chapter comes to a close as Mitsuki appears before Boruto. They start to engage in a fight, and the communication between Shikamaru and Boruto becomes disconnected. 

    I’m curious to see how both Boruto and Kawaki will fight against each other, considering how strong both of them have become. Honestly, if Mitsuki is this desperate to kill Boruto, I wonder if Mitsuki might end up dying by Boruto if he tries something rash. That being said, it’s good to see that Shikamaru is starting to realize what is happening. This adds a major ally for Boruto as we get closer to the story’s climax.

    Chapter 6 is finished, but you can expect Chapter 7 to be released next month! Catch it with VIZ Media on February 18 at 11:00 a.m. EDT / February 19 at 12:00 a.m. JST. Don’t miss out!

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