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    Dragon Quest Builders is a fantastic fusion of crafting games and traditional JRPGs. There is a ton of content to tackle in this 40+ hour game, including spending plenty of time getting stronger. In order to grow in strength, you must improve your gear and obtain Seeds of Life. What are these and how do you get them? Read our Dragon Quest Builders Seeds of Life Locations Guide to power yourself up to the status of ‘Legendary Builder’!

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    What are Seeds of Life?

    Dragon Quest Builders Seed of Life

    Seeds of Life are an iconic and useful item in the Dragon Quest series. Their usefulness is multiplied to the umpteenth in this game because the builder doesn’t level up like your familiar heroes! The only way for the builder to improve themselves is by their own hand. Craft better gear and get your mitts on some Seeds of Life to munch on, as they increase your max HP by 5 each time you chow down on one.

    How to Get Seeds of Life

    Seeds of Life are obtained through normal play. As long as you do as many quests as possible and explore plenty you should get more than enough seeds. However, you probably won’t get ALL of them that way. You’ll get quests throughout each chapter, so that is a chapter-long endeavor. Plus, the hidden seeds of life are in chests strewn all about each chapter map, making it tricky to find all of them.

    There are a few things to keep in mind about the seeds of life. You do not carry over the extra HP they give you between chapters. Your Max HP is only kept in each specific chapter. Terra Incognita also has its own seeds of life. 

    Also, the Hammerhood Graveyard Chapter 1 Challenge rewards you with a seed of life!

    NOTE: I have heard about some RNG item and chest spawns, but I’m unsure what all this can affect. It does seem minimal, at least. From my research, I believe that this only affects Terra Incognita. There are 14 seeds in this extra mode, and it seems this post has invaluable information for getting these seeds.

    Dragon Quest Builders Chapter Maps

    Below, I have included maps of each chapter. Each map contains icons that show the rough locations of many important things, ranging from important monsters, teleportals, and of course seeds of life locations. Be sure to mine, explore caves, and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary!

    Chapter 1

    Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Map
    Credit: u/Sparky81

    Chapter 2

    Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 Map
    Credit: u/Sparky81

    Chapter 3

    Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 3 Map
    Credit: u/Sparky81

    Chapter 4

    Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 4 Map
    Credit: u/Sparky81
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