Anime-Style Arena Fighter Netcode Warriors Announced for PC

    A new fighter is heading to PC!

    Son Studios has just unveiled Netcode Warriors, a new anime-style arena fighter inspired by Digimon. They’ve shared many details and a trailer that includes news of two famous character designers working on the game. 

    Son Studios is a newly created indie game development studio known for their work on VR experiences. They now seek to delve into another genre and create a fighting game.

    Netcode Warriors – What To Look Forward To

    According to Son Studios, Netcode Warriors is said to be inspired by many anime, including Digimon. Kenji Watanabe and Soh Morimiya, renowned for their work on Digimon, are character designers for the game. So far, only two characters have been shown to use their designs. Stay tuned for more character reveals in the future.

    The game also features a story mode to satisfy those who want to experience the game’s universe. The story follows protagonists as they explore a new world that can change their lives dramatically. However, they are not alone and must battle to achieve their dreams and ensure their survival. The specific plot details of Netcode Warriors remain unclear. 

    The online multiplayer experience features rollback netcode to support smooth and responsive gameplay. Players can explore many modes, such as ranked, casual, and lobby matches. Additionally, players will have the ability to spectate friends’ matches in custom lobbies. Lastly, Netcode Warriors offers a variety of gameplay modes, including a training mode, an arcade mode, a split screen for local play, and a local tournament mode. Survival and combo challenges are offline modes to look forward to as well.

    Watch the new trailer below, via Son Studios:


    While there is no announcement of a specific release date, Netcode Warriors will be available on PC via Steam. In the meantime, if you are interested in anime arena fighters, stay up to date with us on the latest Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO.

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