Tekken 8 Update 1.01.04 Brings Balance Adjustments, Bug Fixes

    The patch notes are here!

    Tekken 8 has just released patch notes for version 1.01.04. This update brings several game improvements, including balance adjustments and bug fixes.

    After being available for a month, Tekken 8 has had a lot of time to be examined for any issues that need to be fixed. Issues have been found, and Bandai Namco made a list of notes addressing what was changed.

    Balance Changes in Tekken 8 Update 1.01.04 Patch Notes

    A list of the patch notes in Tekken 8

    The patch notes for Tekken 8 version 1.01.04 included balance adjustments and bug fixes to a few characters. Many characters got changes, with Dragunov and Reina getting the most. Additionally, the Special Style and Balcony Break mechanics received changes due to the developers discovering bugs. Special Style had a bug where some moves would be slower if you buffered an attack input while still recovering. Moreover, the Balcony Break mechanic made the opponent fly outside the battle area, making players disappear mid-match. These bugs obtained fixes within the patch.

    As stated before, quite a few characters received adjustments and fixes, with Reina and Dragunov receiving the most. Both characters are seen as some of the strongest in the game, so Bandai Namco addressed some of their attacks. Along with Reina and Dragunov, Devil Jin, Jun, Leo, and Leroy all received nerfs. Steve, Yoshimitsu, Nina, Raven, Lili, and Jack mostly received bug fixes.

    At the moment, there is no news of a future balance patch. Until then, players will have to adjust to the current patch and experience any more bugs that the developers have to address in the future.

    Please note that the server maintenance for the update is scheduled from 5:30 PM PST to 11:00 PM PST. Online features will be unavailable during this period. Remember to save your essential replays before maintenance for future reference, as they will all be deleted.

    Tekken 8 is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. 

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