Fate/Samurai Remnant Original Soundtrack Releases in March 2024

    Featuring all-new DLC songs.

    Koei Tecmo and Type-Moon announced the Fate/Samurai Remnant original soundtrack will be released on March 27 in Japan. The original soundtrack will be available in a 4-CD set featuring 89 songs. 

    Following the launch of Fate/Samurai Remnant, Koei Tecmo ensured fans that mew updates and DLC will be released over time. The latest update, update 1.0.3, added more replay value to Fate/Samurai Remnant in the form of additional playable Servants and new difficulty levels. Fans who enjoyed the game and its updates up to this point may also look forward to new DLC and the soundtrack release.

    Fate/Samurai Remnant Original Soundtrack

    The Fate/Samurai Remnant original soundtrack will release on March 27 for 4,620 yen in Japan. This release includes 89 tracks across 4 CDs, including the opening theme song. Moreover, the release includes a download code for five new songs that will be released for the game’s upcoming DLC. 

    Here’s the full track list in Japanese, via the official website

    Disc 1
    1. 盈月の夜へ
    2. 月を辿りて
    3. 黒閃
    4. 残夜幻想 (feat.六花)
    5. 追憶の唄
    6. 日日是好日
    7. 日常の鞘・戦陣
    8. 危機襲来
    9. 水臨
    10. 威風凜然
    11. 青天の霹靂
    12. 血風 ~Samurai Remnant ver.~
    13. 止言
    14. 月盈つるまで
    15. 泰平の町
    16. 花、行き交いて
    17. 花、行き交いて・戦陣
    18. 立ち塞がる巨壁
    19. 天下を斬る ~流離武芸帖~
    20. 将軍のお膝元
    21. 将軍のお膝元・戦陣
    Disc 2
    1. 日常の鞘
    2. 闇夜の烏
    3. 盤上戦技
    4. 見捨てられたモノ
    5. 若旦那繁盛記
    6. 弾む心
    7. あなたのお側に
    8. さやけき調べ
    9. 二天、閃く
    10. 斯くて、旗は失われ
    11. 百刃繚乱
    12. 記録:慶安四年 盈月争奪
    13. 雅俗折々
    14. お江戸評定
    15. 浮き世に暮らす
    16. 畝と畔の小径
    17. 朱槍は奔る
    18. 灼光の射手
    19. 凶拳
    20. 外つ国の風
    21. 蛟竜毒蛇
    22. 激濤
    23. こぼれ落ちて
    Disc 3
    1. 二天を継ぐ者
    2. 霊地騒乱
    3. 見捨てられたモノ・戦陣
    4. シノビバタラキ
    5. 兵の心
    6. 東雲を背負い
    7. 魔女と愉快な愛豚たち
    8. 笑う門に
    9. 風雲急を告げる
    10. 深奥にて
    11. 相照らす剣
    12. 繋心
    13. 覗くは霽月
    14. 苦闘なるとも
    15. 烈焔纏いて
    16. 永訣
    17. 蓮の咲くところ
    18. 蓮の咲くところ・戦陣
    19. 竜虎相搏
    20. 赦雨
    21. 地の底の魔人
    22. 残影揺らめいて
    23. 残影揺らめいて・戦陣
    24. 外つ国の風・戦陣
    25. 忍び寄る足音
    Disc 4
    1. 黒風一陣
    2. 地脈争覇
    3. 鎧袖一触
    4. まつろわぬもの
    5. 晨耀
    6. 嵐花
    7. 千里の絆
    8. 過客
    9. 二刀に懸ける
    10. 怨嗟の天楼
    11. 獄門開きたり
    12. 呪願両断
    13. 天網の檻
    14. 八十禍津日神
    15. 擬神斬壊
    16. 宵を待つ
    17. 剣の果て
    18. 終わらぬ道
    19. 仄暗き帳下で
    20. cosmic air ~Samurai Remnant ver.~

    Fans may look forward to Fate/Samurai Remnant DLC Vol. 1 “Record’s Fragment: Keian Command Championship” this February. In the new DLC, Gilgamesh invites all of the Masters and their Servants to a tournament. These participants will vie for ultimate glory and a wish in the Keian Command Championship. Two more DLCs will release at later points in the year.

    Lastly, Fate/Samurai Remnant is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. Final Weapon’s review of Fate/Samurai Remnant goes in-depth into the base game, so check it out before the new DLC launches in February!

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