Fate/Samurai Remnant Update 1.0.3 Now Live With Patch Notes

    More playable Servants in Battle Recollections.

    Koei Tecmo and Type-Moon released the version 1.0.3 update for Fate/Samurai Remnant is now available, and patch notes were published. This new update adds new playable Servants in the “Battle Recollections” mode and more difficulty levels. 

    Fate/Samurai Remnant surpassed 300,000 copies sold shortly after launch, making it one of Type-Moon’s fastest selling games. New updates and DLC will be released in the coming months, and the latest update will add more replay value in the form of additional playable Servants.

    Fate/Samurai Remnant Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes

    The official Twitter account for Fate/Samurai Remnant confirms update 1.0.3 is now live, and a new interview featuring Kinoko Nasu, Takashi Takeuchi, and Hikaru Sakurai reveals the true name of Iori’s Saber.

    The update introduces several playable Servants to the Battle Recollections mode, including:

    • Archer
    • Lancer
    • Assassin
    • Berserker (Miyamoto Musashi)
    • Rogue Saber
    • Rogue Archer (Arjuna)
    • Rogue Lancer (Cú Chulainn)
    • Rogue Caster (Circe)
    • Rogue Berserker
    • Rogue Assassin (Li Shuwen)

    Additionally, the new update adds the “Apprentice” difficulty for a more story-centered experience with lower attack and HP for enemies. Apprentice difficulty extends knockdown time for enemies, and the gap between attacks will be extended as well. On the other hand, the “Fatal Sword” difficulty prohibits retries and the use of items during battle. Enemies will also have higher HP and attack power in Fatal Sword difficulty.

    Here are the patch notes:

    • Added the “Apprentice” and “Fatal Sword” difficulty levels.
    • You can now control Rogue Servants and other teams in Battle Recollections.
    • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to complete the “Networking: Ninja Trainee” commission when a certain condition was met on the second playthrough onwards.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the game to stop responding when a certain condition was met.

    Lastly, Fate/Samurai Remnant is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. New DLC is coming soon. In the meantime, Final Weapon’s review of Fate/Samurai Remnant delves deep into what’s included in the base game, so have a read!

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