Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 17 Anime Review – Comfort in the Cold

    A cold predicament ends with warm comfort and reassurance.

    Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode 17 is a wholesome start to the second cour, with the episode focusing on Sein’s departure and Fern getting a cold. This episode seemingly serves as a bridge from the events of the first cour to the start of the major story arc involving the First Class Mage Exam.

    While continuing their adventure in the north, Frieren and the group decide to rest at a cabin in episode 17. Fern is wary of her body temperature due to the blizzard, with her cold hand surprising Stark when she touches his face. Fern and Stark get into another argument, as Fern was scared of Stark’s not-so-gentle touch on the shoulder. Once more, Sein becomes the responsible adult of the group and helps Fern and Stark them make up. 

    Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 17 – Sein Finally Accepts His Dream

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

    Fern and Stark are on good terms again, and Sein hopes the two characters start dating already. Frieren thinks Sein is a kid just like Fern and Stark, since she’s been alive for a very long life up to this point. The conversation causes Sein to reminisce about his friendship with Gorilla Warrior again. Sein ultimately decides to leave the group and head to the city of Tür in order to search for his best friend. Sein promises to see the group “later,” while thinking about the time he’s spent with Frieren and the two lovebirds.

    Half of the episode is over at this point, and it beautifully advances Sein’s character development in the anime. Sein’s departure from the group was foreshadowed for some time, but the anime took time to address the character’s doubts and regrets through multiple episodes. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode 17 brings the character arc of Sein to a close for now, while leaving the possibility of a reunion down the line. 

    Frieren Lends a Comforting Hand

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

    The group continues their journey to Äuberst without Sein, but he left behind something useful—medicinal notes. While cooking a hearty stew, Stark notices that Fern’s breathing is off. After waking Frieren from her deep sleep, the two discover that Fern has a fever. Frieren applies some of her magical know-how and instructions from Sein’s notes to use a healing spell that soothes Fern’s cold. Since the cold weather poses a problem, the group heads to a nearby village to rest up and fully recover.

    Frieren and Stark have a heartfelt conversation about Fern while procuring some mushrooms for another medicine. Although Fern is going to be an adult in a few years, Frieren still treats her like a child at times. Stark tells Frieren to do whatever she feels is right, as Frieren reminisces about the time Himmel supported her when she caught a cold. Of course, Frieren still decides to show her friendly affection toward Fern, but she acknowledges that she’s no longer a child. With a happy and health Fern in tow, the group carries on with their journey.

    The latter half of episode 17 further develops the relationship between Frieren and Fern, as Frieren begins to acknowledge Fern’s growth relative to human life compared to Frieren’s own life. Frieren continues to discover how humans can growth mentally and physically in their lives. Moreover, Frieren reminisces about her past experiences with Himmel and gains a new perspective. The elven mage now understands how importance emotional comfort and support can be for Fern and Stark as they develop further into promising adults.

    New episodes of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End air on Fridays starting at 11:00 p.m. JST / 8:00 a.m. PDT. The anime will air on various Japanese TV networks and streaming services, including Crunchyroll.

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