Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Release Dates & Schedule (2nd Cour)

    Frieren and her friends continue their journey to Aureole.

    The second cour of the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime is underway with the release of episode 17 and beyond! Frieren and Fern will sign up for the First Class Mage Exam in the second cour, and their journey to Aureole will continue. Final Weapon has everything you need to know about the release dates and schedule for Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End going forward.

    Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End will run for two consecutive cours, with a total of 28 episodes by the end of the season. Episode 16 ended the first cour on December 22, and fans were treated to episode 5 of Frieren’s Mini Anime Magic of ?? while waiting for the second cour.

    Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Release Dates and Schedule (Second Cour)

    A screenshot of Fern, Sein, and Stark from the Frieren Beyond Journey's End anime

    In the second cour starting January 5, new episodes of the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime air on Fridays at 11:00 p.m. JST on Nippon Television (NTV) in Japan. Fans outside of Japan may watch Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode anime on Crunchyroll on Fridays at 8:00 a.m. PDT. The anime’s second cour will delve into the First Class Mage Exam, which was teased in the first cour after Frieren and her group defeating Aura and her demons.

    Here’s the release dates and schedule for Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (subject to change):

    • Episode 17 – January 5
    • Episode 18 – January 12
    • Episode 19 – January 19
    • Episode 20 – January 26
    • Episode 21 – February 2
    • Episode 22 – February 9
    • Episode 23 – February 16
    • Episode 24 – February 23
    • Episode 25 – March 1
    • Episode 26 – March 8
    • Episode 27 – March 15
    • Episode 28 – March 22

    Release Times

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Episode 17

    New Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episodes release at the following times (subject to change):

    • Sub
      • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): 8:00 a.m. PDT
      • Mountain Daylight Time (MDT): 9:00 a.m. MDT
      • Central Daylight Time (CDT): 10:00 a.m. CDT
      • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 11:00 a.m. EDT
      • Greenwich Mean Time: 4:00 p.m. GMT
    • Dub
      • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): 12:30 p.m. PDT
      • Mountain Daylight Time (MDT): 1:30 p.m. MDT
      • Central Daylight Time (CDT): 2:30 p.m. CDT
      • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 3:30 p.m. EDT
      • Greenwich Mean Time: 8:30 p.m. GMT

    Lastly, here’s an overview of the new anime series, via Crunchyroll.

    The mage Frieren defeated the Demon King alongside the hero Himmel’s party after a 10-year quest. Peace was restored to the kingdom. Because she is an elf, she is able to live over a thousand years. She promises Himmel and the others that she will be back to see them and then sets out on a journey by herself. Fifty years later, Frieren goes to visit Himmel and the others. She remained unchanged, but Himmel and the others have aged and only a little of their lives remain. Later, she witnesses Himmel’s death. Frieren is pained by her desire to have spent more time getting to know people. With that regret in her heart, she then goes on a journey to do just that. On her journey, she meets many people and many events await her.

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