Dragon Ball Producer Akio Iyoku Commits to 10 Years of New Anime and Games

    The long term future of Dragon Ball.

    Dragon Ball producer and Capsule Corporation Tokyo president Akio Iyoku commits to 10 years of new games, anime, movies, and more for the prolific franchise, according to a new interview from Nikkei. Iyoku also shared his thoughts on expanding Dragon Ball in overseas markets. 

    Before Dragon Ball Daima, Iyoku was a key figure behind production of Dragon Ball Super Broly and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. It appears that the executive producer may be involved in more than just anime going forward, Iyoku specifically notes the production of games will be vital to the franchise’s continued success.

    A 10-Year Plan: Akio Iyoku Will Produce New Dragon Ball Anime, Movies, and Games

    In the new Nikkei interview (reported in English by SupaChronicles and sailorrjupiter), Akio Iyoku opens by committing to the production of new works for the Dragon Ball series, including anime, movies, and games, for the next 10 years. The Dragon Ball Daima anime and Dragon Ball Sparking! ZERO game appear to crucial parts of this 10-year plan. Iyoku didn’t elaborate on any new plans outside of Daima, however.

    “As the Executive Producer of a work with unprecedented longevity, my mission is to expand and convey what the original creator, Akira Toriyama, has created,” Iyoku told Nikkei. “I will continue to produce works, such as anime series, movies, and games, over the next 10 years. (…) Adopting what is popular at the moment does not increase the probability of success. I will not be swayed by the current trends, but will create works that I feel will be ‘good enough’.”

    The overseas expansion of Dragon Ball is a key component of Iyoku’s vision, which is why New York Comic Con 2023 was chosen as the site to reveal Dragon Ball Daima. A strong presence outside of Japan is necessary for the success of Dragon Ball, with Iyoku citing the creation of new games, events, and other projects is vital.

    As the anime industry becomes more competitive, Iyoku wants Dragon Ball to avoid a situation where the “cycle” ends when the manga becomes an anime, and the anime ends without a follow-up of sorts. Iyoku believes that this cycle is short-lived and leads to content burning out. 

    Moreover, Iyoku wants to take a leading role and “transcend the boundaries of the corporate organization.” His statement likely refers to his role as president of Capsule Corporation Tokyo, since Iyoku plans to directly lead multiple Dragon Ball projects and initiatives. 

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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