Kurayukaba and Kuramerukagari Releasing in Japanese Theaters on April 12, 2024

    ©Shigeyoshi Tsukahara/KURAGARI Production Committee

    Some exciting news has been released today for Kurayukaba and its spin-off, Kuramerukagari! The film, written and directed by Shigeyoshi Tsukahara, is set to be released in Japanese theaters on April 12, 2024! This comes after a decade of planning and years of production on the movie.

    For those unfamiliar, Kurayukaba won the Gold Prize in Audience Award for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2023 Fantasia International Film Festival. Alongside this movie, a new spin-off titled Kuramerukagari has been announced! It will also be released on April 12, simultaneously with the release of Kurayukaba!

    Kurayukaba Releasing in Japanese Theaters on April 12

    A new trailer has been prepared to celebrate the announcement of the movie heading to cinemas. Check it out below:

    The film is described as “a mystery entertainment with a Japan’s taisho-era romantic atmosphere and powerful gadgets, following the detective Soutarou as he unravels the mystery of a mass disappearance and steps into the underground world known as “Kuragali.” 

    The cast includes the following voice actors:

    • Soutarou: Kanda Hakusan
    • Tanne: Tomoyo Kurosawa
    • Saki: Yuu Serizawa
    • Command Team Leader: Setsuji Sato
    • Matsui: Sho Karino
    • Inarizaka: Raiko Sakamoto

    Kuramerukagari Announced as Spin-Off Film

    On the other hand, Kuramerukagari has been newly announced. This is a film based on a scenario written by Ryohogo Narita, known for Durarara!!. The film will be directed by Shigeyoshi Tsukahara as well. Check out the new trailer below:

    Kuramerukagari is described as the following: “Set in the coal mining town known as “Hakoniwa,” where vibrant characters thrive, the story revolves around Kagari, a girl who runs a “map shop” that records the ever-changing town, resembling a labyrinth, as her daily life unfolds.”

    The main character will be voiced by Ayane Sakura, known for roles like Ochaco Uraraka in My Hero Academia, Iroha Isshiki in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, and Gabi Braun from Attack on Titan

    Below, you can take a look at the official new posters for both Kurayukaba and Kuramerukagari.

    Both films release in Japan on April 12, 2024. A western release has not been confirmed at this time, nor a release for streaming services.

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