Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack: Paths Revisited Releases New Preview Video

    Full soundtrack now available digitally and physically.

    SEGA released a new preview video for Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack Paths Revisited, which is available now digitally to stream across various music platforms. The soundtrack is also available physically starting today, November 15. 

    The Final Horizon update for Sonic Frontiers is the culmination for the latest Sonic the Hedgehog entry featuring new playable characters, stages, and a new story scenario. Fans may also enjoy the entire Sonic Frontiers soundtrack right now after completing the update’s new content. 

    Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack Paths Revisited Preview Video

    A new preview video streams some of the tracks that are available right now with Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack Paths Revisited. The soundtrack features a total of 46 songs, including bonus tracks from The Final Horizon update. Fans may listen to this soundtrack right now by visiting the SEGA’s page. Moreover, the physical soundtrack by Wave Master Inc. is available for 3,500 yen in Japan and $26.99 on Playasia. The physical release includes commentary from the sound team and development staff of Sonic Frontiers.

    Watch the preview video below:

    Track List

    The full track list is available below:

    1. Cutscene: Unforseen
    2. Cutscene: Friends
    3. Maybe If… – Amy Mvt.
    4. Blood Flow – Knuckles Mvt.
    5. Another Passage – Tails Mvt.
    6. Second Wind – Sonic Mvt.
    7. Cyber Space 4-A: Genshi Remix
    8. Cyber Space 4-B: Escape the Loop Remix
    9. Cyber Space 4-C: Arrow of Time Remix
    10. Cyber Space 4-D: Rumble Rave Remix
    11. Cyber Space 4-E: Dropaholic Remix
    12. Cyber Space 4-F: Hype Street Remix
    13. Cyber Space 4-G: Ephemeral Remix
    14. Cyber Space 4-H: Wishes in the Wind Remix
    15. Cyber Space 4-I: Time Flyer Remix
    16. Guardian: NINJA – Alternate ver.
    17. Guardian: CATERPILLAR – Alternate ver.
    18. Cutscene: Fist
    19. Jingle: Master Koco Trial – Start
    20. Master Koco Trial
    21. Jingle: Master Koco Trial – Clear
    22. Jingle: Master Koco Trial – Fail
    23. Cutscene: Face Yourself
    24. Jingle: Action Chain Challenge – Start
    25. Action Chain Challenge
    26. Jingle: Action Chain Challenge – Clear
    27. Guardian: TOWER – Alternate ver.
    28. Guardian: SPIDER – Alternate ver.
    29. Cutscene: Doomed
    30. Ouranos Island Remix
    31. Guardian: GHOST – Alternate ver.
    32. Guardian: TANK – Alternate ver.
    33. Cutscene: Awakening
    34. Cutscene: Geared up!
    35. Cutscene: The Time Has Come
    36. Cutscene: Final Battle – Absolute
    37. I’m Here – Orchestral ver.
    38. I’m Here – Revisited (feat. Kellin Quinn)
    39. Cutscene: A Wonderful World – Celebration Mix
    40. I’m Here – Instrumental
    41. I’m with you – Vocal ver. (feat. Gaby Borro)
    42. Undefeatable – Instrumental
    43. Break Through It All – Instrumental
    44. Find Your Flame – Instrumental
    45. Dear Father – Instrumental
    46. One Way Dream – Instrumental

    Lastly, Sonic Frontiers is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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