Unicorn Overlord Story Info, Characters, World, & More Revealed

    Peer into the world of Unicorn Overlord.

    ATLUS and Vanillaware revealed more news about tactical fantasy RPG Unicorn Overlord including the story, main characters, world, and much more. Several new Unicorn Overlord screenshots and pieces of character artwork were released, too. 

    Aimed as the “rebirth” of tactical fantasy RPGs, Unicorn Overlord combines overworld exploration, a robust combat system, and simulation mechanics into a fantastical adventure featuring the signature Vanillaware artstyle. Vanillaware has been developing this RPG for years, and players will experience this exciting new RPG for themselves in early 2024. 

    The Story of Unicorn Overlord

    In Unicorn Overload, the story takes place on the continent of Fevrith. The continent includes five nations: Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion. These nations are inhabited by humans, elves, angels, bestrals, and other races. Cornia’s General Valmore leads a rebellion against the nation’s royal family, igniting a war across the entire continent. Alain, protagonist and prince of Cornia, is chosen to lead the Liberation Army and return peace to Fevrith. Ten years later, Alain raises the flag of rebellion and the fabled Ring of the Unicorn in order to lead his people to victory.



    Alain in Unicorn Overlord

    “The people of Cornia are suffering, Lex. Should I turn a deaf ear to their voices… I would have little and less claim to the crown I feel is mine.”

    Alain is the crown prince of Cornia and the son of Queen Ilenia. After losing his mother in Valmore’s rebellion, he was brought to the island of Palevia by the knight Josef, a mentor who taught him combat and strategy until he reached the age of 17.


    Scarlett in Unicorn Overlord

    “I’ll do everything I can. As is my role as a priestess of the Palevian Church.”

    Scarlett is priestess of the Palevian Orthodoxy. She trained endlessly from a young age and now tends to the Palevia Catherdral. She decides to join Alain on his journey to restore peace to the continent.


    Lex in Unicorn Overlord

    “Sorry, Alain, but this round’s mine!”

    Alain’s childhood friend. Lex was born on Palevia as the son of a local fisherman. He also studied under Josef and shares the same conviction as Alain. 


    Josef in Unicorn Overlord

    “I promise you, my queen, the royal lineage shall endure.’Tis but a great shame I couldn’t aid you further…”

    A holy knight of the fallen kingdom of Cornia and Alain’s mentor. He feld to Palevia with Alain ten years ago. In the years that followed the rebellion, he helped form and manage the Liberation Army.


    Ilenia in Unicorn Overlord

    “The general seeks my death, and mine alone. I shall not flee from that fate.”

    Ilenia is the queen of Cornia. She ruled the nation with a keen military mind and a steady hand. She entrusts her son, Alain, to Josef once Valmore’s rebellion began. 


    Galerius in Unicorn Overlord

    “It’s not merely your throne I aspire towards—it’s all of them. Now… I shall achieve that unity through conquest, and reclaim that which is rightfully mine.”

    The enemy of the protagonist and the Emperor of the reborn Zenoiran Empire. Galerius was once a Cornian general by the name of Valmore. After leading the rebellion, he claimed the entire continent as his own.

    Unicorn Overlord Gameplay

    Players will traverse Fevrith, gather new allies, forge bonds, and lead the Liberation Army as Alain. Over 60 unique characters may be recruited into the Liberation Army from a variety of backgrounds and races. The overworld is vast and awaits for players to conquer it over time. In addition, players may reclaim towns and rebuild them with materials, train allies, and gather up strength to face powerful foes. Unicorn Overlord allows players to explore and battle in whatever order they want. 

    In battle stages, both sides of the conflict will attempt to take the fight to each other’s command posts in real-time. As the commander, players must be careful and make critical decisions about where and when units must be sent. Tactics will determine the skills that are used, and ally classes and skills will bolster a unit’s fighting capabilities. Victory is ensured after defeating the enemy general. Moreover, players may head to the in-game coliseum and participate in online PvP battles against other players. 

    Players have access to the following three difficulty levels:

    Unicorn Overlord Difficulty Settings

    • Sweet – A difficulty focusing on story. For players looking to win battles without much difficulty.
    • Normal – A difficulty focusing on tactical gameplay. For players who may be unfamiliar with strategy games.
    • Hard – A difficulty focusing on pushing your tactical mind to its limits. For players who are quite skilled at strategy games.

    Lastly, Unicorn Overlord launches March 8, 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X|S, and pre-orders are available now. The official website for Unicorn Overlord is now live.

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