Resident Evil 4 Remake Reveals Separate Ways DLC

    The Mercenaries will be getting a free update as well.

    At today’s State of Play, the release date for VR Mode and the all-new Separate Ways DLC for the Resident Evil 4 remake were revealed. Separate Ways will have players follow Ada Wong during the events of Resident Evil 4‘s story. In addition, players who own the base game will receive a free update for The Mercenaries.

    Resident Evil 4‘s VR Mode will be available later this winter for PlayStation VR2. However, Resident Evil 4 players looking forward to Separate Ways and The Mercenaries update won’t have to wait long. Both will be available on September 21, which is just a week from now. 

    Resident Evil 4 – DLC Reveal Trailer

    In Separate Ways, players will take control of Ada Wong after she has been sent to the game’s creepy European village on the orders of Albert Wesker. This campaign will give players a new perspective on Resident Evil 4‘s story, filling in any narrative gaps. Separate Ways will be a remake of the additional campaign found in the original Resident Evil 4

    While the gameplay in Separate Ways will be very similar to the rest of Resident Evil 4, there is one new addition that should change things up. Players will gain access to a grappling hook, which will create new gameplay opportunities. The grappling hook will allow players to get to certain locations and strike enemies from a distance. 

    The upcoming VR mode promises to provide the most immersive VR experience the series has seen yet. In fact, the development team plans to implement what they have learned from the VR modes of Resident Evil 7 and Village to make for a better implementation of the technology. 

    This mode will make use of PlayStation VR2’s capabilities, including 3D audio and the haptic feedback of the Sense controllers. Players will be able to notice the difference between weapons as they use them. In addition, parries can be executed by swinging the knife down. However, boxes and crates can be destroyed using a simple button input.  

    Finally, the free Mercenaries update will add Albert Wesker and Ada Wong as playable characters. This should add some new gameplay variety to this game mode for players who wish to revisit it. 

    Resident Evil 4 is currently available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. For more updates on the upcoming VR mode and Separate Ways DLC, be sure to stay tuned to Final Weapon. 

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