Invitation from the Detective Grim Reaper Announced for PC

    Solve mysteries and execute murderers.

    PLAYISM announced that the company will be publishing Invitation from the Detective Grim Reaper, a new roguelite deduction game for PC via Steam by the solo indie developer SHIZU KANO UMI. The upcoming game will be playable at PLAYISM’s booth during Tokyo Game Show 2023.

    PLAYISM is a Japanese indie game publisher known for visual novels, RPGs, and much more. Early today, the publisher highlighted GNOSIA, the Ib remake, Touhou Luna Nights, and much more during PLAYISM Game Show 2023

    Invitation from the Detective Grim Reaper is Coming Soon

    A release date for Invitation from the Detective Grim Reaper is to be determined, but players may try out the new deduction game at TGS 2023. PLAYISM will doing a playtest up to Stage 2 in order to further improve and polish the game. The company will also have a survey ready to collect feedback, which players may answer from a smartphone. Those who join the playtest will receive an original postcard while supplies last.

    Watch the new trailer below.

    Here’s an overview of the new title via PLAYISM

    A seat has opened.

    The new detective grim reaper takes the seat.
    A detective grim reaper’s job is to execute murderers.
    Everything is going as planned. Let’s begin…

    Invitation from the Detective Grim Reaper is a roguelite deduction game.
    As the detective grim reaper, your job is to solve randomly-generated murder cases, find the culprit, and execute them.

    The only clues you have are testimonies from the suspects.
    The culprit will always lie, and the innocent will always tell the truth.

    You will also receive cards with special abilities to aid you in your detective work. By using cards, you can gain more insight into the case, such as by obtaining a new testimony.

    But take care not to use all of them in one go! You might need them for a tougher case later on…

    It’s time to put your wits to the test and expose as many murderers as you can.

    Game Features

    • Logic puzzles where you use hints to find the culprit
    • Randomly-generated murder cases that change every time
    • A variety of support cards to help you with your deductions
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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