Strategy RPG The Great Villainess: Strategy of Lily Announced

    From talent behind the biggest Japanese indie titles.

    LOST EPIC developer One or Eight, WSS Playground, and Alliance Arts announced The Great Villainess: Strategy of Lily, a brand-new strategy RPG for PC via Steam. The game is currently slated for a 2024 release, and more details were revealed during INDIE Live Expo 2023: Summer Spotlight.

    The Great Villainess: Strategy of Lily is one of the featured titles at INDIE Live Expo 2023: Summer Spotlight alongside puzzle adventure game Boyhood’s End. Boyhood’s End is another exciting title from WSS Playground, and The Great Villainess: Strategy of Lily will be one of its biggest projects yet.

    The Great Villainess: Strategy of Lily Revealed

    The Great Villainess: Strategy of Lily is a strategy RPG starring Scarlet, the duchess of the Imperial Kingdom. Scarlet is falsely accused of regicide and sent to the guillotine, but a mysterious girl named Lily saves her from certain death. Lily holds the power of “streaming” alongside the best aerial warship in the entire Empire. 

    Players will combine Scarlet’s wit and Lily’s technological expertise to lead a rebellion against the Imperial Kingdom. As the villainess, Scarlet may use Lily’s livestreaming powers to lead the revolution and influence imperial ground troops in turn-based strategy RPG combat. Spread uncertainty among generals, create diversions, and strike at critical points to bewilder the Imperial armies. While livestreaming and battling imperial troops, Scarlet and Lily may gain valuable allies and forge deep relationships to bring the best out of their forces. 

    “The Great Villainess: Strategy of Lily is ultimately a story about mass media. If we can so easily sway public opinion in a world before the Internet, where will the power of media technology go?” says Daichi Saito, CEO of WSS Playground. “We look forward to seeing how players exercise what could be called excessive press power.”

    Watch the new trailer below, courtesy of Alliance Arts.

    Lastly, The Great Villainess: Strategy of Lily launches in 2024 for PC via Steam with English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language options.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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