Hi-Fi Rush Update Five Patch Notes

    No quarters required.

    The latest update for Hi-Fi Rush, the hit 2023 Bethesda game, is now available. Update Five features several new modes and cosmetics and a few new quality-of-life adjustments here and there.

    Hi-Fi Rush was shadow-dropped in January 2023. It quickly garnered massive success, surpassing two million players in just a few months. It is currently unknown if more significant updates will be added to the game in the future.

    Patch Notes and “Arcade Challenge! Update!”

    Screenshot of Photo Mode in Hi-Fi Rush

    The patch notes for Hi-Fi Rush Update Five are as follows:
    • Fixes a bug that would sometimes lock Macaron in place and prevent other partner interactions when summoning him immediately after a successful Peppermint action
    • Adjusted the menu in the Training Room to avoid accidentally returning to the Hideout. Now, returning to the Hideout requires you to hold the cancel button while in the Training Room menu.
    • (Track 06) Fixed an issue where a successful Rhythm Parry against Korsica would result in a game crash
    • (Track 09) Addressed an issue where the FPS would lock at 60FPS for the remainder of the Mimosa fight following the guitar-playing musical interlude section.
    • (Track 10) Fixes an issue where the player could still control Chai at the end event of Roquefort’s second phase and potentially fall out of the arena as Phase 3 of the fight begins.
    • (Track 12) Fixed a rare issue where a successful Rhythm Parry against Kale’s Phase 1 end sequence would result in a game crash
    • Addressed a collision issue with the “Holo-Chai” Special Attack that could prevent player progress when the decoy is deployed out of bounds during combat. It seems that even a hologram of Chai is still capable of screwing things up…
    • Fixed an issue where Partner Assists could become locked in “aiming mode” when pressing Alt+Tab during gameplay
    • Added support for scrolling with the mouse wheel when reading Vlogs for a smooth and refreshing Vlog reading experience.
    • SPECTRA room hubs now feature a collectible checklist!
    • Additional whiteboard markers have been allocated to CNMN’s personal stash.

    Additionally, Update Five also features two brand-new modes. These include “BPM Rush,” a horde mode that increases the combat speed and music for every wave you clear. It also has “Power Up! Tower Up!” which removes all your upgrades and forces you to rebuild your strength through hordes of enemies. There are also new cosmetics and upgrades added. For more information, check out our “Arcade Challenge! Update!” piece here.

    Release Information

    Update Five and the “Arcade Challenge! Update!” for Hi-Fi Rush are available now. You can purchase the game on the Xbox Series X|S and PC. It is also available for players who have Xbox Game Pass. Fans can expect a lot of fun from the new update and modes. Be sure to stay tuned for more Hi-Fi Rush updates in the future.

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