The 2023 Xbox Showcase – Date, Time, and Speculation

    The future of Xbox is here.

    Summer Game Fest is almost upon us. With the opening showcase, the Devolver Digital conference, as well as the Ubisoft and Capcom conferences in just under a week, there’s never been a better time to be a video game fan. However, it’s the Xbox Showcase that has garnered the most anticipation. Xbox has been in a difficult spot lately. Games like Redfall and Halo Infinite have received divisive feedback at best upon release. This is the company’s chance to redeem itself, especially after a relatively lackluster showing from the recent PlayStation Showcase in May. Here is an overview of everything you need to know about the upcoming Xbox Showcase.

    Date and Time

    The Xbox Showcase is set for June 10th, 2023. It will begin at 1 pm EST. There isn’t a lot of information about how long the conference will last, but it stands to reason it will be somewhere around an hour.

    Following the conference will be a showcase of Starfiel, one of the most anticipated games in Xbox’s current lineup. The Xbox Showcase will be viewable on the company’s official Twitch and Youtube channels.

    What Games Will Be There?


    We know that one of the many games set to be shown off at the Xbox Showcase is Starfield. Starfield is still set to release on September 3rd, 2023. We know that the demonstration will reveal the most in-depth look yet at the upcoming game from Todd Howard and Bethesda.

    We also know that there will be more footage from the upcoming Forza Motorsport. Based on a tease from Xbox’s official Twitter, it’s also likely that we’ll get a new look at the next Fable game.

    What Games Could Be There?

    Hideo Kojima

    There are a few games that we haven’t heard about in a long time that could end up showing up in the upcoming Xbox Showcase. For one, there is Hideo Kojima’s next Xbox game which will apparently be reliant on cloud technology. There is also the matter of Avalanche’s upcoming co-op multiplayer game Contraband. It’s also been more than a year since the reveal of the Indiana Jones game, developed by Todd Howard, MachineGames, and LucasFilm Games.

    Finally, there are some other loose ends based on speculation. There are rumors of a new Persona announcement based on some domain updates. It’s been three years since Id’s last game in the form of Doom Eternal, and with the game’s success, it stands to reason that we should get a new Doom game hopefully soon. Finally, there’s always a chance we could learn more information about the rumored Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode, Project Tatanka. Only time will tell what new games Xbox has up their sleeve.

    Final Weapon’s Coverage of the Xbox Showcase

    Bethesda's Starfield has been delayed to September.

    Stay tuned to Final Weapon for more of our coverage of Summer Game Fest and the upcoming Xbox Showcase!


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