Capcom Showcase 2023 Has Been Announced for June 12

    A 36 minute presentation awaits.

    Capcom of Europe seems to have accidentally posted an announcement early. Tonight, the company’s FaceBook page announced that the next Capcom Showcase will air on June 12, next Monday. 

    Summer Games Fest and other notable accounts later confirmed this announcement to be real. The presentation will be 36 minutes in length. This is extremely comparable to 2022’s Capcom Showcase, which aired on June 13 and ran for a total of 35 minutes. Check out the announcement below.

    Capcom Announces June 12 Capcom Showcase

    Capcom has plenty of titles that they could show off at next week’s presentation. First and foremost, DLC for Resident Evil 4 is assuredly coming, and this presentation would be the perfect place to reveal that. According to the game’s files, this DLC will be a remake of Separate Ways, which features Ada Wong as the protagonist.

    Additionally, more footage and information regarding Dragon’s Dogma II, which was just shown off at the PlayStation Showcase, is extremely likely as well. Next, a new Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective trailer is likely, as that release is due out at the end of this month.


    Pragmata is also a title that has to show up. It skipped the PlayStation Showcase and is scheduled to be released sometime this year. If that still holds true (and even if it doesn’t), we will receive a new trailer at the Capcom Showcase. We’ve yet to see anything from the title since its initial reveal in 2020.

    Besides that, it really is anyone’s guess! There’s a chance that we could see a glimpse of the next Monster Hunter title here, which was leaked as a part of the NVIDIA leak. Unfortunately, we’ll not likely see the next Devil May Cry title, as Director Hideki Itsuno is currently hard at work on Dragon’s Dogma II

    Capcom Showcase June 12 Release Timing

    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak leads Capcom sales

    2023’s Capcom Showcase will air on Monday, June 12, at 3:00 PM PDT / 5:00 PM CDT. Stay tuned to Final Weapon for continuous coverage as the event airs!

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