The Definitive Wishlist for a New Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer

    With the PlayStation Showcase approaching within less than 24 hours, there is one game I want to see more than anything – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. After its mystifying reveal last June at the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Stream, all I could ask for from tomorrow’s showcase is a new Rebirth trailer.

    There are countless things I wish I could see or know about the game right now, but realistically, only a few have a chance of making an appearance in a potential new trailer. I might be greedy, but I do think it’s time to open the floodgates of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and start the marketing cycle.

    WARNING: Locations not yet visited in the REMAKE project will be discussed below, but no story beats.

    Vincent & Cid

    Vincent Coffin Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion

    First off, why not tease the remaining two party members? We’ve already seen Cait Sith when the plate fell, but it would be an absolute treat to see either Cid or Vincent. Rocket Town will assuredly be in Rebirth, as it’s a pivotal stepping stone to proceed to the Temple of the Ancients. That means that Cid will be in the game for sure, and I think Vincent should be as well.

    Now, could Square opt to put Vincent’s arrival in the third game? Maybe, but I don’t think it makes much sense. Realistically, it’s likely you unlock Vincent as a party member before Cid since you visit Nibelheim prior to Rocket Town, though that could change with the game’s pacing and order of locations visited. For this trailer, I’m not even asking for gameplay of Cid or Vincent in a new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer, but just to see them in the game at this point. Ending the trailer with the coffin opening or flying away in the Tiny Bronco would be incredible.

    New Locations in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

    Forgotten Capital Final Fantasy VII

    There are so many different locations I want to see in a new trailer for Rebirth. The top of my list is the Forgotten Capital / City of the Ancients. Ever since the ominous ‘City of the Ancients’ theme played during Remake’s Edge of Creation scene, I’ve been desperate to see how exactly Square will recreate this iconic area in Rebirth. It’s a desolate wasteland in the original game that was once home to the great civilization of the Ancients.

    I’m not expecting this to be in-depth at all, but I’d love to see just a tiny glimpse of what this environment is going to look like. It was already so ominous yet beautiful in the original game, and I know that Rebirth is only going to enhance it.

    Another area I’m ecstatic to see is the Gold Saucer, which will surely be overhauled in this game. I am expecting Square to go all out and offer all sorts of different minigames and activities for you to do when at the Gold Saucer. This is an area that can really shine in Rebirth, and I think they will use it for marketing. 

    Finally, Cosmo Canyon. The story of Red XIII that unfolds here is truly one of my favorite moments in the entire game, and I just can’t wait to see it remade. If Cosmo Canyon makes an appearance in a new trailer, I’d expect it to be the campfire or even Bugenhagen’s home.

    New Combat Abilities

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade battle mechanics

    Obviously, a new trailer would show off new combat for the game. I am super curious to see how exactly Square Enix will evolve Remake’s combat for the sequel, as I think there are a number of things that could be done. While the combat in the remake was phenomenal, there were a few weak points here and there that can be easily overhauled for the sequel.

    Something I’m looking forward to is how aerial combat will be evolved. Considering this was arguably the weakest link of combat in Final Fantasy VII Remake, this is where the team should have hopefully started for Rebirth’s combat. Going along with the previous hope of Cid and Vincent appearing, I’d love to see a glimpse of how these characters will translate over gameplay-wise.

    Sailor Barret

    Sailor Barret

    Why not? One of the funniest moments in the original game is seeing the party sneak onto the Cargo Ship. To achieve this, Barret gets into a sailor costume while the others utilize Shinra troop costumes. I think throwing something like this in the trailer would be a great way to generate buzz without the community from a purely comedic standpoint. 

    I can already imagine the number of different tweets about Sailor Barret, which is going to be incredibly enhanced by John Eric Bentley, Barret’s voice actor. 

    A Release Date for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth


    Finally, when is the game coming out!? We know it’s supposed to release this Winter, however, whether that is 2023 or early 2024 is anyone’s guess. If I had to take a guess currently, March 2024 makes the most sense for a title like Rebirth. Funny enough, Remake was originally supposed to launch on March 3, 2020, before getting delayed to April 10, 2020. That first quarter of the year is a great time to launch big titles, as we saw this year with Capcom and the remake of Resident Evil 4.

    We can’t rule out a December launch but considering Final Fantasy XVI is due out in June, I suspect Square will opt for the Q1 2024 release window. For a potential new trailer, I want Square Enix to give us a concrete date we can play the next chapter in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy. We’ve already gotten a window, so give us a date!

    We’ll find out later today if Square Enix has a new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer waiting for us at PlayStation Showcase, but if not it is surely coming soon considering the timing of the game’s release. New information has to come out before too long, and at the very latest I expect information by the end of July. We’re in the final stretch, so make sure to not get too impatient.

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