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    A guide to build your own dream house.

    Players may remember that in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there was the option for Link to buy and renovate his own house in Hateno Town. It was a fan-favorite mechanic that added to both the worldbuilding and the slightly hopeful atmosphere. In the sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom there is a similar mechanic that can be discovered in Tarrey Town (3941, 1607, 0128). Making a house in TOTK is far more complicated than it was in Breath of the Wild. So here is a full guide on how to buy and build your own house in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

    Mattison’s Independence

    Not far from the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, you can find Tarrey Town. Players may recognize it from Breath of the Wild, as the town you helped build from the ground up with Bolson Construction. The town is now a bustling enterprise, complete with a miniature rollercoaster and warehouses dedicated to building vehicles from the new Zonai parts. Near the city center, you can find Hudson and Rhondson, the two people you helped marry in the last game, talking to each other.

    Their daughter, Mattison, is going off to the Gerudo Desert as part of a sort-of rite of passage. The parents are too busy to spend any meaningful time with their daughter before she leaves, so it is up to you to play the role of babysitter. You can find her in the upstairs room of the house, trying to learn the Gerudo language.

    Being a Good Babysitter

    The next place you can find Mattison is right next to the player statue at the center of the city. She’s quizzing some older women about the Gerudo word for Granny. The answer you’re going to one to pick is Vaba. It won’t make a difference if you get the answer right or wrong, but it feels good right?

    Next, Mattison will want to visit her father down on the island next to the warehouses. Only one problem: the guy in front, Hagie, requires money to make the trip. And Mattison doesn’t have any money. But this is merely an inconvenience. All you need to do is pick up a nearby wooden plank and use it to block Hagie’s view. Mattison will take the opportunity to run past him and take the transport down.

    Father-Daughter Time

    Next, you’ll see Mattison talking to her father, Hudson. She wants to take flight in the hot air balloon, and the two get the idea to color the balloon yellow like the sun. One problem: you need 10 sundelions to dye the balloon. However, sundelions are remarkably easy to attain. Many of the sky islands near the Skyview towers have plenty of sundelions. Once you grab them, just give them to Hudson and the three of you, along with Rhondson, get to spend some quality time together on the balloon. That wraps up the side quest, and with it, Rhondson reopens her “dream house” initiative. This is how you are given the opportunity to build your own house.

    Home on Arrange

    Up front, you only need 1,500 rupees. There are a few ways to make money fast, like doing certain side quests and selling both monster parts and food. Once you pay the fee, Rhondson opens up a lot just for you, near the top of the mountain next to Rasitakiwak Shrine. There, you can talk to the representative behind a desk, and you’re given two basic rooms: a bedroom and a foyer. Use Ultrahand to manipulate the parts together and you will have your first house. Rhondson gives you a Hudson glider fabric, and you now have free reign to build your dream home.

    There are a few basic rules to abide by. One, keep your house within the ropes set around the lot. Two, you can only have fifteen rooms at a time. Finally, all the rooms must be neatly attached to each other without any loose ends. Of course, each subsequent room that you buy costs more money. But, spending your hard-earned rupees on a house is actually a worthwhile venture. Namely, because it doesn’t just give you shield and sword stands, and an easy place to rest, but it also gives you amenities that even the Hateno house didn’t give you. A prayer statue, a cooking pot, even a place to stable your horses.

    Links House Tears of the Kingdom - How to Get Home Guide

    I recommend investing in those rooms, along with a flower bed for easy food access. If you want to make your house look even nicer, feel free to invest in some stairs, a gallery to hang up custom pictures, and a study if you want to pretend you’re doing some housework.

    As a whole, the ability for players to build their own houses adds to the near-infinite opportunities for player expression and freedom. I highly recommend using this new mechanic to build your perfect home, not just for utility, but also for convenience. I look forward to seeing more custom house creations!

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