ANNO: Mutationem ‘Mysterious Game Console’ Update Now Available for PC

    40% discount live on Steam and Epic Games Store.

    Lightning Games and ThinkingStars announced the ANNO: Mutationem “Mysterious Game Console” update is now available for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 versions receive the new update at a later date.

    The latest ANNO: Mutationem update adds the “Mysterious Game Console” mini-game, “Archaic Hazmat Suit” costume, various weapons, and a new story centering around Ayane’s childhood. The PC versions are on sale until April 18, allowing new players to purchase the title with a 40% discount. The discount brings the list price down from $24.99 to $14.99. 

    Here’s an overview of ANNO: Mutationem via Steam

    About ANNO: Mutationem

    ANNO: Mutationem is an action-adventure game with RPG elements set in a cyberpunk world, featuring a unique mix of pixelated 2D & 3D graphic style with a rich, dark and bizarre plot.

    • Explore and discover – This is a world full of surprises waiting for you to find out! While going thru the main story you can chat with a Cyborg corgi, take on a part-time bartender job, hunt down vicious criminals reveal the true face of a trending V-streamer! By exploring diverse locations such as neon Noctis Town, an off-shore cargo ship and huge underground structures, players are free to go as they please and act as they want.
    • Showing new perspective – Unique 2D-to-3D gameplay, seamless switching between 2D Action n’ Platforming and 3D Exploration to interact with the world and its inhabitants. Let’s dive into pixel gaming from another perspective!
    • Ann kicks Ass – Ann will slash, shoot, combo, grenade-throw & ground-pound her way through hordes of enemies and huge bosses. From great swords to double blades, from pistols to rocket launchers and uppercuts, time to become the one-girl army you always knew you had in you.
    • Try to finish the jigsaw – A grand story, befitting a rich and dark cyberpunk décor, featuring our main hero Ann Flores and her trusty hyper hacker side-kick Ayane on a personal mission to find out where her missing brother has gone to. Little do the two know just what they will unravel…
    • Please arm yourself to teeth – Collect, buy or craft items & upgrade Ann’s stats, skills and gear. Use chips to modify any kind of weapon you find. Equip Ann and make her combat-ready for all enemies (both humanoid and not…) that are about to head her way.
    ANNO: Mutationem Update Trailer

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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