Persona 5: The Phantom X Producer Discusses Feedback From Beta Test

    Another P5X beta test coming soon.

    Persona 5: The Phantom X producer Old V discussed the recent closed beta test for Android and player feedback received throughout its duration. The producer also discusses what will be improved going forward for development of Persona 5: The Phantom X including a future beta test.

    Purpose of the Beta Test 

    According to the Persona 5: The Phantom X producer, ATLUS and Perfect World Games wanted to give fans a sample of the game as early as possible. The closed beta test was vital toward gaining player feedback and ideas. To ensure the test ran smoothly, a small selection of players were allowed to participate until the end of the test on March 31. However, the fan demand far exceeded their expectations, so the next beta test will allow for many more applicants to participate. 

    Resource Challenges

    SEGA and ATLUS granted Perfect World Games a lot of freedom when using resources from Persona 5. However, the differences between P5X’s game engine and that of Persona 5 created several development challenges such as resource constraints. As a result, many parts of the current game build are still unrefined. Perfect World Games will continue to optimize and improve the game’s quality while adding new elements and designs. During the process, the developers will be careful when ensuring all sound effects and music match the game’s context.

    Improving the Story

    P5X’s overall quality and stability will not be the only aspect seeing improvements, however. Player feedback cites weak characterization, fast pacing, and sudden developments within the game’s narrative. The producer acknowledges that the game’s current script has significant issues and feels fragmented in some regards. Fortunately, the developers are working to provide a more exciting narrative with supervision from Kazuhisa Wada and the development team at ATLUS.

    Importance of Voice Acting

    Alongside the story, the game’s voice acting is integral toward building up characters. ATLUS, the Black Wings Game Studio at Perfect World Games, and the original development studio carefully established a casting plan for P5X. The teams worked together to supervise and direct the voice recording process. Players may have some doubts in the performance of voice acting now, but the developers believe the game and its voice acting will properly flesh out characters over time. Chinese and other languages are currently being prepared for P5X alongside the Japanese dub. 

    Adapting the Signature Persona 5 Design

    According to the producer, adapting the console experience of Persona 5 to a new mobile experience is a huge undertaking. Every member of the development team is a Persona fan, so they’re passionate about developing the mobile game while replicating the console game’s original style. Mobile game elements cannot be avoided, but the team will continue listening to player feedback in order to optimize the experience. A major goal involves a solution that will appeal to old and new fans alike. 

    Optimizations to be Made

    The development team is aware of bugs found in the P5X closed beta test. Several aspects of the game must be optimized as well. A review process of player feedback from the first beta test will be conducted in order to finalize an optimization plan. This plan will also be revealed to players once the development team is ready. P5X’s producer asks for fans to their continued support and patience as the team continues developing and fine-tuning the game (Thanks, Persona Central!). 

    Lastly, Persona 5: The Phantom X is coming to Android, iOS, and PC (Windows) in China.

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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