Why the Announcement of Professor Layton: The New World of Steam Is Important

    It wasn’t too long ago when Nintendo announced Professor Layton: The New World of Steam. Being an unexpected announcement for Layton fans, the excitement was inevitable. Plenty of fans created reaction videos and discussions as a result. What’s even more exciting is that the franchise sold 18 million copies worldwide. However, some gamers may not be familiar with the Professor Layton series, and their excitement and perspective surely invites curiosity. What is it about this announcement that makes them so excited? Is it mainly because it’s a new game in the series? What you will find soon is that the answer is a lot deeper than you might think. 

    Why The Announcement of Professor Layton: The New World of Steam Is Important – Anticipation

    Professor Layton and Luke are looking at something with a shocked face

    When you think about puzzle-solving gameplay, engaging storyline, and charming characters, Professor Layton comes to mind. Created by popular Japanese video game developer, Level-5, the series has an extremely dedicated fanbase. Professor Layton has been around since 2007 and has had several successful releases on various platforms. The Nintendo DS and 3DS were the main platforms you saw these games on. Professor Layton and the Curious Village is the only mobile Layton game.

    The announcement of Professor Layton: The New World of Steam is a significant one. It marks the return of a beloved series that has touched the hearts of many. The Professor Layton franchise has been on a several-year hiatus for the past 10 years. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy was the last game to show Professor Layton himself. Fans of the series have been eagerly anticipating a new release ever since. As a result, this announcement has generated excitement and buzz in the gaming community.


    Professor Layton crying with his head downLuke crying while looking at something

    Despite the Layton franchise’s loved legacy, some fans believe that this is the franchise’s chance to redeem itself. Long story short, there are quite a few fans who stepped away from the franchise. Many years ago, there were different reasons to not pick up a Layton game.

    One of the biggest reasons is the mobile game market. The franchise did not capitalize on the mobile game market in its prime. Puzzle gamers were more attracted to Android and iOS smartphones once the Nintendo 3DS era waned. This was all due to the number of mobile puzzle games that you couldn’t find on the 3DS. It is rather odd that Level-5 never tried to make a Professor Layton smartphone game at the time.

    Katrielle looking sideways while standing next to her game's logo

    Another reason for fans stepping away from the franchise is due to the failure of the recent game, Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy. The Katrielle game ended up being extremely underwhelming for fans, selling only 30,000 copies on the Nintendo Switch. The situation got so bad that Level-5 ended up closing down their North American operations.


    Professor Layton and Luke looking at each other with a worried look while a group of people stand around them, looking at them

    There is something else that fans have to keep in mind. The Nintendo Switch is getting Professor Layton: The New World of Steam. This is great news because it is a popular gaming platform with a large user base. This means that the game will have the potential to reach a wider audience. It helps that the Switch is a console and handheld hybrid. With this, it technically makes it the first Layton game on a console.

    Social media is probably the biggest source for the new Professor Layton game to gain popularity. On platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, a lot of discussion can generate. Since the recent announcement created a lot of buzz online, this increases the visibility and popularity of the franchise. Many new people who have never heard of Professor Layton before can now know exactly what it is. This is especially different compared to back then where social media really wasn’t as big.

    Adding on to this, review scores are also something to look at. If the game ends up getting great review scores, a lot of newcomers will be attracted. Lots of gamers look towards gaming news outlets to determine whether or not they should purchase a game. Imagine the new Professor Layton game getting 10/10 scores from every outlet.

    Why The Announcement of Professor Layton: The New World of Steam Is Important – Conclusion

    Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy are looking at something while Luke looks excited

    It’s always a great feeling to see a franchise that you love come back to life. It takes you back to that feeling you once had of enjoying it. I’ve yet to play a Professor Layton game myself, but I’m interested! The amount of passion I’m seeing from fans regarding the recent announcement is so beautiful. I’m sure Professor Layton: The New World of Steam will have fans and newcomers enjoying it.

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