New Professor Layton Game Announced, Coming to Switch

    Level-5 is making a return! Their flagship series is as well!

    During the Nintendo Direct on 2.8.23, a new Professor Layton game was teased. The new game’s title is Professor Layton and The New World of Steam. The teaser trailer can be found here. No release date or even ESRB rating have been announced yet for this title.

    If the teaser trailer is anything to go by, the gameplay looks to be a step up from the series’ past offerings. Rather than a pseudo-Visual-Novel style with 3D Characters, players may be able to look forward to 3D traversal in this “New World of Steam”. That is if this teaser was meant to portray possible gameplay. Maybe some cutscenes will look like this trailer. Worst case, we’ll still have a great-looking anime-style game. Level-5’s 3D offerings all look great, so surely their flagship title’s new entry won’t disappoint visually even if it doesn’t look like this teaser.

    The official site for Layton doesn’t have much info besides this either. Not even a release window. There is some snazzy concept art, though! This art signifies that this game should have a ton of ambition behind it!

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    After years of dormancy in the West, Level-5 is coming back with new entries for some of their classic series and even a new IP! Now is a great time to be a fan of their games or even try them for the first time!

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