Level 5 has announced that Professor Layton and the Lost Future is coming to iOS and Android on July 13th! This is an enhanced mobile version of the original 2008 Nintendo DS release. Here’s an overview courtesy of Gematsu:

Gorgeously Rendered Graphics!

All your favorite puzzles, now in positively eye-popping HD!

Iconic Scenes That Stand The Test of Time

The number-one fan favorite of the Layton series. Brilliant brainteasers brought to you in breathtaking detail! (According to the book The World of Professor Layton.)


After solving a multitude of curious conundrums, renowned archaeologist Professor Layton receives a rather peculiar letter. The sender of this letter is none other than his assistant Luke… but from 10 years in the future!

‘Future Luke’ has found himself in quite a predicament. The London he knows and loves has been thrown into absolute chaos. Initially thinking that Luke may have simply been pulling his leg with a harmless jest, the professor cannot help but recall the terrible events that occurred the previous week…

The start of which was an unveiling ceremony of mankind’s first time machine, attended by many prominent figures from throughout the nation. In the midst of a demonstration, the time machine went awry, and engulfed the audience in a terrible explosion. Several of the attendees mysteriously vanished into thin air, including Prime Minister Bill Hawks.

Unable to shake the feeling that the time machine’s explosion may somehow be connected, Professor Layton and Luke set off to the location mentioned in the letter, a clock shop on Midland Road in Baldwin, embarking on what might be the biggest mystery they have ever encountered.

A Case Crammed with Copious Conundrums

Prevail over the plethora of puzzles that pop up in the course of your investigations and conversations. Use intuitive touch controls to uncover puzzles and solve a mystery that spans time itself!


  • The Perplexing Picture Book – Throughout your adventure, you may discover stickers for a peculiar picture book. Complete the tales within by placing the correct stickers on the corresponding pages! Can you complete all three?

  • The Teeny-tiny Toy Car – Becky, the lively maid at the Hotel Duke, gives Luke the keys to this toy car. Use it to tackle 10 taxing courses and show the world who’s king of the road.

  • The Package-porting Parrot – This terribly talkative parrot has generously volunteered his services as a delivery bird. Guide your feathered friend on his way to help a collection of concerned citizens!


  • Professor Layton – Professor Hershel Layton is a famous archaeologist, well known for using his impressive intelligence and powers of observation to solve mysterious cases.

  • Luke – Like Triton is the professor’s self-proclaimed apprentice. He’s sharp-witted and sharp-eyed, and also has a special ability to talk to animals.

  • Future Luke – An older version of Luke from 10 years in the future, who requests Laton’s help in eradicating the evil rampant in his London.

  • Celeste – A young woman who joins Layton and Luke on their search for answers to this mystery. She seems to have insight into a key part of this tale that the professor himself might not have realized yet.

  • Dimitri Allen – A scientist that Layton and Luke meet on this adventure. His genius mind might even rival that of the professor himself!

  • Flora – Professor Layton took this young lady under his wing during his previous travels to St. Mystere. Is she going to be accompanying the professor and Luke on this outing, too?

  • Don Paolo – A brilliant scientist who believes himself to be Layton’s arch-nemesis. What dastardly scheme will he devise to frustrate the professor this time?

  • Puzzlette – The granddaughter of Granny Riddleton and her successor as the guardian of missed puzzles. Though she is a bit spacey, she also has a certain innocent ruthlessness.

Lastly, the official website is available here. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!

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