Persona 5: The Phantom X Reveals Supporting Characters, Producer Message

    A glimpse into the powers of Persona II.

    ATLUS and Perfect World Games revealed new details about supporting characters and their Personas in Persona 5: The Phantom X. Additionally, the producer of Persona 5: The Phantom X shared a message to fans. 

    Persona 5: The Phantom X features various companions that will aid the game’s protagonist (Wonder) in battle. Companions are known as “TAs” in P5X, and they fight alongside the party with the power of “Persona II.” Some of the TAs that players will meet are Seiji, Mont, and Yuki. These three Persona users harness the power of Leucothea, Terpsichore, and Styx respectively. 

    Alongside the latest details about P5X, the game’s producer from Perfect World Games shared a message to fans. Moreover, Perfect World Games confirms applications for the P5X closed beta test have now closed in China. Applicants who are chosen to participate in the closed beta test will receive a message on March 28. The closed beta test will be held from March 29 to March 31 in China on Android devices only. 

    Supporting Characters and Persona Portraits

    Here’s the full message by the P5X producer via Persona Central:

    Message from the Producer

    Dear players,

    Hello everyone! I’m the producer of this game, Old V, and a big fan of ATLUS. I’m glad to be able to present myself and introduce you to the Persona 5: The Phantom X (P5X), a new mobile game based on the Persona 5 IP.

    At the beginning of the project, when I learned that I was going to make a game based on the P5 IP, I was full of excitement, expectation and pressure. I myself am a big fan of the original P5 series, so I knew its significance and value. With it being considered a masterpiece to everyone, it would be a huge challenge to make a worthy spin-off.

    Fortunately, ATLUS and SEGA gave our team great support and help, and the original P5’s development team not only supervised our output so it could meet the “P5 standard,” but they also deeply participated in the creation of characters, story and music. P5X has a new plot and setting, and you will see various familiar environments and characters. I believe that the appearance of these old elements with the new, hand in hand, will allow everyone to fully feel our passion and respect for this IP.

    Additionally, P5X was created with the hope of bringing in more players to experience P5’s charm through the mobile platform. Whether on a bus, the subway or at home on the couch, you can dive into the other world anytime, anywhere, and embark on a journey of “reforming.”

    I would like to thank ATLUS and SEGA for their trust, support and assistance during the development process. The in-depth communication and discussion allowed us to make full use of our respective strengths to create this game together. I would also like to thank our team for their hard work over the past few years, and in the end I hope we can deliver a satisfying game to our players.

    The first reveal and “sneak test” are just the beginning, and there are still many designs and details to polish and optimize. We sincerely welcome all valuable feedback and comments from everyone so that we can keep improving and optimizing. Your support and encouragement is our motivation to continue, thank you!

    Lastly, Persona 5: The Phantom X is coming to Android, iOS, and PC (Windows) in China.

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    Soul Kiwami
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