Atelier Ryza 3: Woman in Pursuit of the Ultimate Guide

    An enigmatic chef wanders the lands in search of the “Ultimate”. Coming across her and aiding her in finding choice ingredients will earn you recipes. These aren’t Alchemic recipes, mind you, but cooking recipes. These allow you to whip up tasty, stat-boosting meals at campsites. Use our Ryza 3 Woman in Pursuit of the Ultimate Guide to help you help her!

    Tip: She will give a hint on how to get the item that she seeks if you give her the incorrect item a few times.

    Keep an eye out When viewing your area maps. If you zoom in a little you can see where NPCs are. Hover your cursor over them to see if they have a name. This is the easiest way to find the Woman in Pursuit of the Ultimate and doesn’t require needlessly scouring the lands.

    Atelier Ryza 3 Woman in Pursuit of the "Ultimate"


    • “When People Think of Here…”: Kurken Island | Rasen District (in the big field on the way to Secluded Farm) – Give her a ‘Kurken Fruit’ (harvested from farmland like at the Secluded Farm)
    • “A crystal that is said to hold sacred powers”: Kurken Island | Kurken Port (by the alcove with the fishing spot) – Holy Arbor Crystal
    • Underwater Mushrooms.”: Traveler’s Road | Beach of Far Bank (westmost side, inlet) – Jellyfish Mushroom (can be harvested from Evileater Tree Shore in the Fariystone Mines)


    • “A sprout of a plant that can only be eaten when young”: Cleria Region | Fairystone Crystal Mine (across the bridge closest to Large Crystal Light) – Klenoko
    • “Rampant Grass”: Cleria Region | Glasswork Building (next a tree by the building) – Chomping Grass
    • “The rainbow that appears in the water”: Fairystone Cargo Route | Rainbow Crossings (West of Waterfall Basin Sandbank, travel up a waterfall (use Water Beast) and down the river) – Rainbow Fish
    • “Red berries known for being extremely hot”: Cleria Region | Lake to the Hills (Westernmost part, west of Lake Source landmark) – Red Devil


    • “The finest oil with a golden shine”: Nemed Forest | Faurre Region (behind Atelier near village entrance) – Amber Oil
    • “A sweet food that makes strange expressions”: Portta Hills | Aobana Hill (Nemed Region, near Hunters’ Inn landmark) – Skull Pumpkin
    • “A plant that is somewhere between a bomb and a plant”: Portta Hills | Waterfall Peak (to the west of Island Below the Cliff landmark) – Explosive Vine (can be harvested from the tree next to her)

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