Atelier Ryza 3: What are Keys and How to Use Them

    Keys are a new feature in Atelier Ryza 3. Early into the game, you gain the ability to create these enigmatic keys. Use our Atelier Ryza 3 Keys Guide to get the jump on this new mechanic.

    What are Keys For?

    Keys have many varied uses. You can use them in exploration, battle, and synthesis.

    How are Keys Made?

    Early-game you use the Hollow Key to generate new Keys at Landmarks. After doing so the Landmark must recharge. The key you get is random. You to visit and revisit areas trying to get better keys if you want a really good one. The Hollow Key has a limited number of uses and then must recharge.

    You can also generate keys in battle when a foe is at less than 80% HP. 

    Later in the game, you can craft Pristine Keys. You can get better keys than the Hollow Key by getting Effects that boost your chances of making superior keys. 

    Exploration Benefits

    If the Key has certain Effects then you can get Exploration perks such as material gathering bonuses. You can open your key ring using the D-Pad and select a key with exploration benefits such as a treasure locator or better gathering for certain tools.

    There are also doors and energy barriers that gate of certain areas. Using the right keys with the proper element will dispel these barriers. They usually have some treasure or ingredients behind them!

    Supply Points

    Throughout the world, you’ll find glowing blue or gold crystals. If you use a key on them they will give you items. 

    It’s actually possible to get Hidden Recipes from them. The rarer your key the more likely you are to get recipes and good items.

    Battle Usage

    You can actually equip keys to your character in the Battle Preparations menu. This gives you stat boosts that are handy in battle. This all depends on the key, of course.

    In battle, you can trigger Key Modification when you are at Tactics Level 2 or higher. This makes the key act like an item and can give your party various stat buffs.

    Synthesis Perks

    You can eventually use Secret Keys to alter a Recipe. This can do things like allow you to use more items, change the item’s element, or give a quality increase. All of these involve using your selected key to raise the Recipe Level.

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