Games to Play to Prepare for Atelier Ryza 3

    Ryza and Games with Similar Vibes

    Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key is coming out very soon! That game is gonna be great. Waiting is hard though, so why just sit there in excitement? You could be managing your time more efficiently by trying out some other games. You know, try some new things, learn some stuff, and warm up. Just like Ryza! Here are some games to play so that you can prepare for Atelier Ryza 3.

    Atelier Ryza 1 and 2

    Oh wow! Who’d a thunk?! Yeah, this is an obvious pick, huh? I do recommend playing these games if you want to before Ryza 3. You get some context for characters, story, and gameplay improvements. It will make the trilogy feel like a nice, rounded, complete experience if you do play these first. Read more about the necessity of playing these prequels to Ryza 3 here if you want to know a tad more!


    Recettear is available only on PC (Steam Page). You don’t exactly craft or interact with characters the same way as you do in Atelier, but the spirit is quite similar. I think the look of the game is similar to older Atelier games, which could be nostalgic for some players (even if you haven’t played older Atelier)!

    Recettear is about taking over ownership of an item shop and running it. You set the stock, prices, and everything in between. Not quite alchemic crafting, but the quaint methodical planning has a comparable feeling. Though you can be quite evil within the game’s mechanics just like real-life capitalism!

    Dungeoneering has a different flavor in this game compared to Atelier, however, you are still on the hunt for materials. Dungeons in this game are randomized, giving you more of a rouge-like or mystery dungeon game feeling over the designed areas in Atelier.

    Plenty of things are different and some stuff feels outright inspired BY Atelier to me. I’d rec Recettear!


    Harvestella is part RPG and part farm simulator. Yes, this is a different mixture of elements that creates a similar concoction, I’d argue! Harvestella’s RPG story has a different tone to Atelier but that’s cool. Farming is different from gathering and crafting, but that’s neat! The micromanaging of farm life and grandiose story creates something different from Atelier but also gives it a vibe that is comparable. The mix of genres between the two games may be different but the outcome is uniquely fun for both games as well!

    Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons

    I’m stretching like a Puni with this one, but hear me out. The vibes and picturesque stylized visuals are quite similar to those in Atelier, the newer games especially. The crafting in New Horizons isn’t as deep as Atelier, but the usage of it for progression and meeting your goals is the same in practice I feel. Obviously, the stories and characters aren’t fleshed out in the same manner as the full-blown, big, juicy RPGs that the Atelier games are, but the interactions with your fellow islanders can make you just as happy! Just lay back, chill, take it all in. That’s exactly what Animal Crossing and Atelier both accomplish.

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