Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty an Open World Game?

    Be prepared for a mostly linear experience.

    You may be wondering if Team Ninja’s latest action RPG contains a vast open world to explore. In short, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not an open-world game. If you decide to play it, you will be going on a linear journey focused on combat encounters. If you are looking for an experience similar to a game such as Elden Ring, you won’t find it here. Although, if you are a fan of soulslikes and hardcore action RPGs in general, you may want to give Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty a shot.

    Why Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Not Open World?

    Wo Long is a fast-paced action game that takes you across several locations throughout China. To maintain this pace, Wo Long benefits more from having a mission-based structure instead of an open world. The game is less about exploration and more about non-stop action. That being said, some levels can get quite expansive and give you a decent amount of freedom to explore. 

    Early on, you will unlock a hub world called the Hidden Village. Here, you are able to roam freely and talk to various NPCs. It’s fairly small but will give you a chance to take a rest from all the action of the game. You can simply take some time to upgrade your equipment, change your appearance, level up, and more.

    In addition, you will be able to revisit any mission you have completed. However, if you decide to go back to a mission, you will have to replay it from the beginning. Every Battle Flag and Marker flag will be reset and must be activated again. So, while Wo Long may not be an open-world game, it gives you some breathing room to focus on what you want to do. 

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