Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Upgrade the Dragon’s Cure Pot

    Three heals may not be enough.

    The Dragon’s Cure Pot will be your primary method of healing in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyAs such, you will likely want to upgrade it as much as possible for a more forgiving experience. The first time you pick up an item that can upgrade the Dragon’s Cure Pot, a notification will appear that explains what the item does. However, this can be easy to miss if you’re like me and accidentally dismiss notifications like this.  

    Two Ways to Upgrade the Dragon’s Cure Pot in Wo Long

    There are two items that you will use to upgrade the Dragon’s Cure Pot. You can pick these up as you explore, so be sure to be thorough! 

    Dragon Vein Crystal: This item will increase the number of times you can heal. The default number of heals is three, so you’ll want to start increasing this as soon as possible. Also, be sure to stop by a Battle Flag if you are low on heals! If you die, you will lose half of your Genuine Qi and will need to defeat the opponent who killed you to get it back. You will also lose any morale points you’ve gained beyond what you have fortified.

    Dragon Vein Essence: This item will increase how much one use of the Dragon’s Cure Pot will heal you. As you level up, your health will increase regardless of what build you decide to go for. At some point, you will need to use Dragon Vein Essence if you want to heal yourself effectively. 

    Your Health Is Important

    If you want a bigger challenge, you can ignore these upgrades. However, beginners will likely want to upgrade their healing capabilities as much as possible. Otherwise, some boss fights and enemy encounters may be more difficult than they need to be. Upgrading the Dragon’s Cure Pot ensures that you will have a less frustrating experience. 

    If you need help with anything else in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, be sure to check out our other guides!

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