Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – The Morale System Explained

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    Are you starting your first playthrough of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and are confused by the Morale system? It’s a very important mechanic in the game, and you’ll need to understand it if you wish to play effectively. Fortunately, it should not be too difficult to grasp, and by reading this, you will be able to make sense of that number above your health bar. Here is what you need to know about Morale in Wo Long.

    The Basics of Morale in Wo Long

    The Morale system serves a few general purposes which can help spice up gameplay. It gives every level a sense of progression separate from the game’s main progression systems. For every mission, your Morale rank will reset and can only reach a maximum of 25. The higher your rank is, the better. You will take less damage and gain access to more powerful Wizardry Spells. 

    Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

    The Morale system can also help guide new players around stages. Generally speaking, a less experienced player may want to challenge enemies around the same Morale rank. If you ever find yourself confused as to where you should go, just look for enemies around your rank. You will be able to see their Morale rank above their heads. 

    Another thing to keep track of is your Fortitude rank. You’ll find this in the upper right corner of your screen. If you die, you will lose any Morale Points you have gained since visiting a Battle Flag. However, your Morale rank can never fall below your Fortitude rank. As you can imagine, raising your Fortitude rank can play an incredibly important role in keeping your Morale up. 

    How to Boost Morale 

    As you defeat enemies, your morale rank will increase. However, there are ways to increase your Morale rank faster. As you explore, you will want to activate as many Battle Flags and Marker Flags as you can find. This will increase your Fortitude rank, ensuring you lose much less Morale upon death. You can often increase your Fortitude rank to 20 in main missions.

    If you’re up for a challenge, you can still take on difficult enemies with a high Morale rank. Although, it should go without saying that you need to be careful. Do not underestimate enemies with a high Morale rank. They can kill you very quickly if you make a mistake. Generally speaking, you should only attempt fighting these enemies when you are confident enough in your skill.

    Burial Flags around a tough enemy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

    Throughout the game, you will encounter Burial Flags. These are the locations where other players have died, assuming you are playing the game online. If you offer one use of the Dragon’s Cure Pot, you will gain a temporary boost in Morale. This can come in handy if you are in combat with a tough enemy. However, you still might need to use the Dragon’s Cure Pot to heal. So, you need to make a careful decision here. 

    Other Things You Should Know About Morale

    When an enemy defeats you, their Morale rank will increase by one. However, you will be able to regain your Morale and the Genuine Qi you lost if you are able to defeat the opponent that killed you. Of course, there is some risk involved in this. If you die again, you will lose even more Genuine Qi, so you may want to move on at that point and fight something less challenging. You will end up wasting a lot less time.

    Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty official screenshot

    If you get hit with a Critical Blow (the glowing red attacks), not only will you lose quite a bit of health, but you will also lose a bit of Morale. It is highly recommended that you learn the timings of deflects for Critical Blows. Also, if you do enough Spirit damage or can sneak up on an enemy, you can execute a Fatal Strike. This will decrease your opponent’s morale, making them slightly weaker than before. 

    I’d also like to elaborate on how Morale affects your use of Wizardry Spells. Now, Wizardry Spells have to be unlocked through a skill tree associated with one of the Five Phases. Some of these abilities only require a Morale rank of zero, but others will require you to increase your Morale rank, sometimes by a lot. If you want to make full use of your Wizardry Spells, you will want to increase your Morale Rank as soon as possible. 

    Understanding Morale in Wo Long

    If you are enjoying the full game or the demo, hopefully, this guide has cleared up the Morale system for you. I think it adds a fun layer of progression to the game and makes levels more fun to explore. It may be a bit confusing at first, but it’s fairly easy to understand. If you can grasp the concept of it, you can use it to your tactical advantage and have a smoother experience with the game. Or, you could use this knowledge for the exact opposite to give yourself a bigger challenge. 

    If you need more help to give your morale a boost, be sure to check out our other guides for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty!



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