Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Reveals Kanai Ward Master Detectives, Amaterasu Corporation

    Detectives and Peacekeepers make their presence known.

    Spike Chunsoft revealed 10 new characters appearing in upcoming detective mystery game, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. Master Detectives will be sent to the Kanai Ward with a variety of abilities at their disposal.

    The Amaterasu Corporation will also make its presence known in Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE alongside various Master Detective characters. This organization deals in a wide variety of goods including industrial products, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Both the government and the World Detective Organization have been unable to intervene because of the Amaterasu Corporation’s great influence.

    Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE launches on June 30 for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

    Read up on all the new characters in Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE below via Spike Chunsoft:

    Master Detectives Dispatched to Kanai Ward

    Pucci Lavmin
    Japanese VA: Yui Horie
    English VA: Lindsay Sheppard

    Pucci Lavmin
    Despite her child-like appearance, she has machine-like composure and mental processing speed. Perhaps because she avoids communication, she sometimes shows awkward reactions and intense displays of emotion during conversation.

    Forensic Forte: Audial Aptitude – By concentrating, whispers, footsteps, and even heartbeats can be heard from far away.

    Fubuki Clockford
    Japanese VA: Saori Onishi
    English VA: Xanthe Huynh

    Fubuki Clockford

    Because of her upbringing as a lady of the world-famous Clockford Family, she is a bit naive. She has a uniquely peculiar way of thinking, which can frustrate and confuse the people she talks to.

    Forensic Forte: Time Leap – Time can be rewound and things can be redone. After time has been turned back once, it cannot be turned back beyond that point, however.

    Melami Goldmine
    Japanese VA: Yukari Tamura
    English VA: Lauren Landa

    Melami Goldmine
    A glamorous woman with a keen intellect behind her flamboyant appearance. She’s a fashionista whose mind is often focused on clothes. She’s quick to like anyone with a body type that would suit her favorite outfits. 

    Forensic Forte: Spiritism – One’s own body is used as a medium to summon the soul of a deceased person. In order to use this ability, she must wear the clothes the deceased wore in life.

    Head of the Nocturnal Detective Agency

    Yakou Furio
    Japanese VA: Takehito Koyasu
    English VA: Kaiji Tang

    Yakou Furio

    Head of the only agency in Kanai Ward, the Nocturnal Detective Agency. An aloof and elusive man. Although not a Master Detective, he is certified by the World Detective Organization, which suggests he is an excellent detective.

    That said, he is somewhat weak-kneed, and his agency’s policy is to stay quiet and refrain from any overt behavior that might lead to conflict with the Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers.

    Director & Vice Director of the Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers

    Yomi Hellsmile (image right)
    Japanese VA: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
    English VA: Howard Wang

    The director of the Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers. Despite having the face of a handsome young man, he is ruthless, finding joy in the misfortune of others, tearing people down, and even treating his underlings like expendable tools. He rules Kanai Ward with force and has established power within Amaterasu with his achievements.

    Martina Electro (image left)
    Japanese VA: Shizuka Itoh
    English VA: Jenny Yokobori

    The vice director of the Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers. She is Yomi’s right hand and takes pride in the trust and affection he has for her. She has a coercive way with words and actions and has no mercy for those who defy her, becoming obedient only when Yomi is involved.

    Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers

    Swank Catsonell
    Japanse VA: Wataru Takagi
    English VA: Brent Mukai

    Swank Catsonell
    A prideful member of the Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers who loves money.

    Seth Burroughs
    Japanese VA: Yuma Uchida
    English VA: Landon McDonald

    Seth Burroughs

    Section chief of the Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers Investigations Team. A mumbling, unhealthy-looking man. He habitually speaks through a megaphone to make up for his feeble voice.

    Guillaume Hall
    Japanse VA: Ayane Sakura
    English VA: Brenna Larsen

    Guillaume Hall
    Leader of the Counterterrorism Squad. A boisterous, fast-talking woman who tackles her work with enthusiasm and vigor.

    Dominic Fulltank
    Japanse VA: Fukushi Ochiai
    English VA: Kane Jungbluth-Murry

    Dominic Fulltank
    Second-in-command of the Counterterrorism Squad. He is over 2 meters tall. Though loyal to Guillaume and her orders, he sometimes has trouble following complex instructions.

    Soul Kiwami
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