London Anime & Gaming Convention Winter 2023 Preview

    In less than a week’s time, the London Winter Anime and Gaming Convention 2023 arrives in Hammersmith for a weekend packed full of gaming, cosplay, and anime screenings. This event is held twice annually, once in the summer and once in the winter. There are talent shows, voice actors/actresses speaking about their experiences in the industry, and much more. If you are keen to play some retro games, compete in gaming tournaments, or want to pick up some rare merchandise, head down to Hammersmith, west London next weekend. 

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    Venue and Pricing

    The event starts on Friday 10th February at the Novotel London West International Centre in Hammersmith, west London. Priority entry is at 10 am each day, while it’s 11.30 am for standard tickets and midday for door sales. Expect the line outside to be long at around 12:30 pm, so try and get there early!

    Tickets are priced at £45 for all three days, £12 for all day on Friday, £25 for all day on Saturday, and £19 for all day on Sunday. The venue has moved from its previous location at London Metropolitan University in North London, so expect it to be different. It will still be buzzing with people in cosplay and gamers chatting about their favorite franchises. The event closes at 12 midnight each night, and there’ll probably be a bar for food and drinks throughout the event.

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    The London A&G Convention is known for the expressive, high-standard, and accurate outfits cosplayers wear in relation to the anime and gaming franchises that they are representing. I’ve been to the convention and in previous years you have the chance to talk and play games with loads of individuals dressed up in well-made costumes. Loads of different franchises are covered and you get the opportunity to speak to people in cosplay as Link, Zelda, Sheik, Impa, Mario, Princess Peach, and loads more. 

    Because it’s a winter event, it means that we don’t have to deal with the heat of the summer, so there’s no need for people to take layers off. However, in contrast to the summer, it does get cold at this time of year in London and it also rains. So if you can, be wise and bring a waterproof and warm jacket.

    One of the great things about these kinds of festivals is that almost everyone is representing one of their favourite fantasy or science fiction franchises by what they’re wearing. Whether the series is niche or popular you’ll still probably learn something new about the anime/gaming world. It’s really interesting even to just experience what the convention is like just by being there.


    Anime Events

    The London A&G Convention Winter 2023 has a variety of anime activities. This includes anime voice actors and actresses attending, and also live J-Pop/anime themed performances throughout the weekend. From what I remember from previous years, there’s a stage that always has something going on. Whether that’s interviews with voice artists or musical performances, there’s a wealth of things to enjoy and get involved with, no matter what time of day or night it is.

    There’s also the manga artist’s alley where there’s manga art displayed and you can sit down to draw art yourself, or enjoy the great art that’s on show. A room will also be accessible with a screen set up, where classic anime will be shown throughout the day and night. If you want to buy merchandise, there are stalls throughout the event that sell DVDs, manga, and gaming merchandise, so save some money and buy some rare goodies! Overall, there are loads of things relating to anime that’ll be going on throughout the weekend, and you’ll have the chance to pick up rare items, as well as chill with people that enjoy the same kind of animation that you do.

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    Gaming Events

    As for gaming itself, the highlights are the tournaments and the retro gaming room. You’ll find systems from the last 40 years in the retro gaming room. This will include, the NES, SNES, N64, Megadrive, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, and more. You can visit this space at any time when you have your ticket and chill playing some classic games! There are also tournaments where you can put your name down and compete playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, League of LegendsMario Kart 8, and more. 

    There’s also the talent show, where you can sign up and compete. Performances from past years have included stand-up comedy, solo guitar players, bands, and comedy skits. You’ll meet people who are passionate about gaming, from the Atari era to the PS5. The venue is large and you’ll have fun if you enjoy anime or gaming.

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    To Sum Up

    The London Anime and Gaming Convention Winter 2023 is going to be an event full of activities, color, music, and best of all, gaming. While the event has a new venue, in the west, rather than the north of London, it will still have charm, great merchandise to pick up, and great games to play. It’s fun for anime and gaming fans of all ages, and if you’ve got an idea for the talent show, or think you’re good at Smash Bros. Ultimate, then get your ticket and sign yourself up. Hopefully, it’ll be a great weekend! We’re looking forward to the event, and if you’re interested be sure to check out the official website.

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