Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Free Title Update 4 Adds Elder Dragon Velkhana, New Endgame Content

    The icy Elder Dragon of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne returns when Free Title Update 4 launches for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in February 2023. Hunters can also expect a whole host of new endgame additions. 

    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Free Title Update 4 launches on February 7 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam with a ton of new content. Hunters are tasked with taking down Elder Dragon Velkhana and Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax in Anomaly Research Quests. Additionally, Afflicted Chaotic Gore Magala joins the fray, and the Anomaly Investigation cap rises to 220. Event quests will appear every week to help Hunters prepare for challenges to come. 

    Hunters that conquer these challenges may craft powerful armor and weapons from monster materials and gems. In fact, Velkhana and Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax armor sets will be craftable in the new update. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Free Title Update 4 also introduces a ton of new DLC including layered armor, gestures, poses, and much more for additional personalization. 

    Free Title Update 5 arrives in April 2023 with another returning Elder Dragon and a powered-up monster. Capcom will likely share more details in a future Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event

    More details and the latest trailer are available below, courtesy of Capcom:

    The Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Returns

    A frigid force of nature few scientists have ever seen is making its way to the Frost Islands. Velkhana, the elusive Elder Dragon that debuted as the flagship monster of Monster Hunter™ World: Iceborne, has been spotted by the scouts of Elgado Outpost. This monster’s gracefully cold demeanor foreshadows the serene stillness of the many beings left frozen in its wake. By glaciating the ambient water in the air, Velkhana is capable of forming massive pillars of ice when engaged in combat, and can even freeze the most hot-headed hunters solid. Winter winds often bring fell tidings, and the arrival of Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax proves this adage true. Just what this Risen Elder Dragon is capable of remains a mystery, as it has been deemed too dangerous for study. Hunters dedicated to gathering more data for their relentlessly inquisitive science teams can face Velkhana starting at MR 10 and Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax starting at MR 160. Any materials gathered in these excursions will of course be invaluable for crafting new weapons and armor featuring their own unique skills.

    Chaotic Gore Magala Appears

    The Qurio-curious will also have new Anomaly Research at their fingertips as well, with Afflicted Chaotic Gore Magala joining the A8★ Quests, and the Anomaly Investigation cap rising to 220. Elder Dragons will begin appearing from difficulty level 111 onward, so be prepared for a fight! Event Quests will continue to arrive every week, including two new Dual Threat quests featuring Seething Bazelgeuse and Chaotic Gore Magala, alongside an Arena Quest with Furious Rajang and Scorned Magnamalo. Every Event Quest has its own unique reward, so be sure to give them a try.

    New DLC

    Free Title Update 4 also brings a variety of new paid DLC, including layered armor for rookie hunter Lance Gunn and the venerable Ran Page. These adorable doodles, drawn by the hand of the underappreciated talent Minoto, have been featured since the release of Monster Hunter Rise and help new hunters understand the ins and outs of Kamura Village. Speaking of Minoto, players can also purchase the “Minoto” layered armor set alongside new gestures, poses, stickers, music, and hunter voices. To celebrate the release of Free Title Update 4, players can also sign up for early access to a free Palamute layered armor that makes their furry friends take on the appearance of the Elder Dragon Velkhana! Please visit the official Monster Hunter website for more information on how to sign up using a Capcom ID.

    Free Title Update 4 Trailer

    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Lastly, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches this spring for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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