New Trailers Showcase Like a Dragon: Ishin Minigames, Farming

    Classic Yakuza / Like a Dragon activities get a historical spin in this remade period piece.

    Sega has released two new Like a Dragon: Ishin trailers that offer glimpses into the side activities available to players in the game’s fictionalized 1860s Japan. Whenever you need a break from the thrilling drama surrounding the main story, or the bloody and frenetic combat, these are the diversions available in the city of Kyo. While some are returning favorites (karaoke, gambling, befriending stray animals), there are quite a few new Like a Dragon: Ishin minigames and systems to enjoy thanks to the samurai-era setting.

    Another Life

    The first trailer, titled “Another Life Overview” shows protagonist Sakamoto Ryoma tending his garden and cooking for himself and his foster daughter, Haruka. With its serene music track, footage of these peaceful homestead activities could be mistaken for belonging to a photorealistic life-sim. Gardening appears to be a simple planting and harvesting system, while cooking is more involved. Players will chop ingredients with a karaoke-style button press mini-game. Cooking meat utilizes quick time events to prevent burning. Players can also fulfill orders for customers with items they’ve gathered or grown and send Haruka out to deliver them. This income serves an important purpose in one of the game’s side missions.

    The trailer ends with clips of Ryoma taking care of stray animals as well as pets around his home. The strays appear to have an affinity or happiness meter, leading me to believe it’s these lost animals who will be coming home with you after you’ve become familiar enough with them. Taking care of cats and dogs has been a recurring element in the Yakuza / Like a Dragon games, whether in cutscene or game mechanic form.

    Like a Dragon: Ishin Minigames

    The Like a Dragon: Ishin Minigames Overview trailer is jampacked with side content. Here’s what residents of 1860s Kyo get up to for fun:

    • Buyo Dancing
    • Chicken Racing
    • Cho-han
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • Fishing
    • Koi-koi
    • Karaoke
    • Oicho-kabu
    • Sake Showdown (Drinking Contest)
    • Udon Shop Cooking
    • Poker
    • Cannon Coaching (Sword-based target practice)
    • Sensual Healing (plays like a shmup?)

    Many of these activities have that signature Yakuza / Like a Dragon flair. While performing karaoke, the game will cut away from the venue and to a vignette of the character’s emotions when performing the song. Fishing is taken over the top by the inclusion of huge targets (the trailer shows a giant great white shark). The “Sensual Healing” minigame features… whatever’s going on in this screenshot.

    Kiryu / Ryoma posing in his underwear in the sensual healing minigame from Like a Dragon: Ishin

    Like a Dragon: Ishin, the remake of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s 2014 title of the same name, will release on February 21, 2023. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and on PC through Windows and Steam. The Like a Dragon series was previously known in the US as Yakuza. Check out our other coverage of Ishin here at Final Weapon, including an article on the game’s pre-order bonuses.

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