Xbox Series X|S Has Sold Over 400,000 Units in Japan

    A nice show of life in a region Xbox has been dormant for the past decade.

    With the latest release of Famitsu hardware numbers, it has been revealed that the Xbox Series X|S consoles have officially tripled the Xbox One’s lifetime sales in Japan. For a company that has been pushing hard to break into that market, it is exciting to see a breath of life after the Xbox One.

    As mentioned in the tweet, there is still quite a ways to go before this number is anything close to the Xbox 360. However, this should at least give some encouragement to the team at Xbox that they can win a portion of the market share. To do this, they need to continue to get Japanese titles on Xbox.

    We’ve seen lots of Japanese games skip Xbox, mainly as a result of the titles not selling well on the platform. Additionally, there has never been a large user base in Japan. Creating a game for a platform where it might not sell isn’t a smart business decision, which is why we’ve seen this trend. Microsoft needs to continue to push in this region and market the Japanese titles coming to Xbox properly in the West.

    With the release of Starfield and more inbound this year, there has never been a better opportunity for Xbox to make a splash in Japan.

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