Sol Cresta “Legendary Fighters” DLC Set Available Now

    Sol Cresta has received brand new DLC, which is now available across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. This DLC is titled “Legendary Fighters”, and includes brand-new ships for you to collect and attack with. Check out the trailer for the brand-new DLC set below:

    Information surrounding the Sol Cresta DLC can be found below:

    SOL CRESTA “Legendary Fighters” DLC Set…$5.99/€5.99
    The “Legendary Fighters” DLC bundles all 3 of the additional fighters into one specially priced DLC. Contains CR47, Wing Galiber and Wing Galiber II. These additional fighters can be used in Caravan Mode, and the icon displayed in the Caravan Mode high-score rankings will be of the fighter used.

    SOL CRESTA “CR47” DLC…$1.49/€1.49
    The star of Moon Cresta, CR47, makes a triumphant return! Collect CR47 emblems and friendly fighters will appear. Dock with Fighters II and III to power-up just like in Moon Cresta!

    SOL CRESTA “Wing Galiber” DLC…$2.99/€2.99
    Wing Galiber from Terra Cresta has been miraculously revived! As in Terra Cresta, it’s possible to combine with up to 5 fighters from the hangar and make the most of a variety of different attacks.

    SOL CRESTA “Wing Galiber” DLC…$2.99/€2.99
    Wing Galiber II from Terra Cresta II: Mandler no Gyakushuu once again makes a long-awaited sortie! Not only can you combine with up to 5 fighters to perform formation attacks and bring out the familiar phoenix, but there are also new and improved attacks such as the Fire Formation Attack, Formation Shoot and Phoenix Rolling Bomber recreated for you to enjoy!

    You can now also play Stages 5 and 7 in Caravan Mode in addition to Stage 1. There are also other updates included which improve the SOL CRESTA player experience.

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