Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP Box Announced

    Celebrate the 20th Anniversary with the music of Kingdom Hearts.

    Square Enix has announced a Kingdom Hearts Vinyl LP Box Set celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary! The set will contain three discs, each with 12 tracks from Kingdom Hearts I, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts III. Each corresponding disc has beautiful artwork from the cover art of the first three games. Additionally, an art card containing art from the 20th anniversary drawn by Tetsuya Nomura is included in the package.

    Below is the list of tracks that are included in this Vinyl LP Box Set:

    Disc 1:
    Side A:
    1. Dearly Beloved
    2. Simple and Clean -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
    3. Dive into the Heart -Destati-
    4. Destiny Islands
    5. Treasured Memories
    6. Kairi I
    7. Destiny’s Force
    8. Traverse Town

    Side B:
    1. Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I-
    2. Hand in Hand
    3. Hollow Bastion
    4. End of the World
    5. Always on My Mind
    6. Vector to the Heavens

    Disc 2:
    Side A:
    1. Dearly Beloved
    2. Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
    3. Lazy Afternoons
    4. Tension Rising
    5. Roxas
    6. Sora
    7. Working Together
    8. Organization XIII

    Side B:
    1. The 13th Reflection
    2. The Other Promise
    3. Riku
    4. Darkness of the Unknown
    5. Rage Awakened

    Disc 3:
    Side A:
    1. Don’t Think Twice -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
    2. Face My Fears -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
    3. Dearly Beloved -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
    4. Forza Finale

    Side B:
    1. Dark Domination
    2. Vector to the Heavens -Xion-
    3. Nachtflugel
    4. KINGDOM HEARTS IV Trailer (tentative name)

    For more pre-order information, be sure to visit the Square Enix Store to reserve a copy of this 20th Anniversary set.

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