Hyperdimension Neptunia OVAs ‘Nep-Nep Festival’ and ‘Little Purple Sunshine’ are available now for Steam

    Two never-before-released OVAs.

    Idea Factory announced Hyperdimension Neptunia OVAs ‘Nep-Nep Festival’ and ‘Little Purple Sunshine’ are available now for PC via Steam.

    The never-before-released Hyperdimension Neptunia OVAs are available for $14.99 each with English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese support. Availability of these OVAs, as well as all video releases on the Steam platform, will no longer be available for streaming or purchase as of November 1. However, customers may still view their purchased videos through their Steam library.

    Here’s an overview of Nep-Nep Festival and Little Purple Sunshine below:

    Nep-Nep Festival

    Today is Planeptune’s Cosplay Party! Our host Neptune is completely womped from party preparations. Neptune then finds out that Older Neptune, whom she met in the mountains during her summer vacation, was arriving to this dimension. Nepgear and friends decide to leave Neptune while she finishes preparing for the party, and pick up Older Neptune. However, when Nepgear and friends returned, they found Neptune completely burned out!
    Little Purple Sunshine

    Arfoire has a new trick up her sleeve to defeat the Goddesses – a secret monster called Level Trick. During a fierce battle between the Goddesses and this new enemy, Level Trick hits the Goddesses with the “Level Down” attack – a skill that reduces your level and age. Suddenly, the Goddesses age rapidly declined, as well as Arfoire who was accidentally struck by the Level Down attack.
    Nepgear and her sisters attempted to find the Goddesses after failed attempts to contact them. They eventually were able to find all of the Goddesses, except for Neptune…
    Meanwhile, Neptune and Arfoire were now living together at an eggplant farm. Because of the Level Down attack, Neptune and Arfoire now have amnesia. As former mortal enemies, what will happen to the unlikely duo living together?

    The next game in the long-running series, Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters, releases in early 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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