The Rumble Fish 2 is coming to consoles in Winter 2022

    First console port in The Rumble Fish series history.

    Publisher 3goo and developer Dimps announced The Rumble Fish 2 is coming to consoles this winter.

    The Rumble Fish 2 is an enhanced version of The Rumble Fish (2004) arcade fighting game with new characters and gameplay mechanics. Originally released for Atomiswave arcade machines in 2005, the fighting game would make later make it’s way to popular NESiCAxLive arcade systems in 2012.

    After nearly 17 years, The Rumble Fish series will receive a console port. Specific consoles were not announced, but the game will be released around the world for the first time.

    Here’s an overview of the game via

    The Rumble Fish 2 updates the original game with new gameplay mechanics and new characters. The offensive and defensive meters now go up to three levels each, with some supers now consuming differing numbers of bars. The new Boost Dive mode, which consumes one bar each of the players’ offensive and defensive meters, temporarily places the character into a special mode with unique properties per-character. The new characters are:
    • Sheryl, an assassin with a trap-based fighting style who attacks using wires.
    • Mito, a girl who attacks using a bokken (wooden training sword).
    • Bazoo, an enormous hulking man with long-range melee attacks.
    • Lud, who fights using a gauntlet with a rushdown-oriented moveset.
    • Hazama, the mid-boss, playable using a code.
    • Beatrice, the boss, playable using a code.

    Lastly, check out the announcement trailer below:

    English Trailer

    Japanese Trailer

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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