For those of you closely following Mega Man X DiVE (or Rockman, if you’re still playing the Taiwanese version), you may remember many months ago when assets and references to the Steam version were found months ahead of its announcement. Well, it seems datamining has got us somewhere else, and it suggests that the game is coming to Switch next! Thanks to Protodude of Rockman Corner, who reports on tons of Mega Man news, for catching this.

The datamine in question finds reference to “NS” (Nintendo Switch) and flags for amiibo support, or lack thereof. It should be a while before anything comes to light of this, as it was months between the datamining and reveal of X DiVE on Steam. Worth noting is that there are five separate flags, including Japanese and English.

Lastly, Mega Man X DiVE is available now on Android and iOS internationally. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for more in the latest gaming news and updates!

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