Mega Man X DiVE

    Rumor: Datamining suggests that Mega Man X DiVE could be coming to Nintendo Switch

    For those of you closely following Mega Man X DiVE (or Rockman, if you're still playing the Taiwanese version), you may remember many months...

    Ryu and Chun-Li are joining Mega Man X DiVE in Japan on September 22nd

    Completely out of nowhere, the Japanese account for Mega Man X DiVE has revealed a brand new crossover event for the game. Though, this...

    Star Force Mega Man and Harp Note join the roster for Mega Man X DiVE in Taiwan and Japan on September 8th

    Ever since the Battle Network collaboration, players of Mega Man X DiVE have been eagerly awaiting a collaboration with the final remaining Mega Man...

    Mega Man X DiVE receives a collaboration event with Monster Hunter Rise, launching on June 23rd

    The Monster Hunter series is no stranger to collaborations, and the latest entry Rise is no different. Mega Man X DiVE is receiving a...

    Mega Man.exe and Proto Man.exe will be playable characters in Mega Man X DiVE starting on November 25th

    Capcom has announced that Mega Man.exe and Proto Man.exe will be playable characters in Mega Man X DiVE! The special Mega Man.exe collaboration event...

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