The Nintendo GameCube released 20 years ago today on September 14th, 2001 (JST) in Japan! This was Nintendo’s 2nd attempt in the 3D realm of games and it was a powerhouse at its time. Although it experienced lackluster sales in its lifecycle, the console had many incredible games. These games include Super Monkey Ball, Killer7, Skies of Arcadia, Tales of Symphonia, Super Smash Bros Melee and many more. The GameCube also featured online capabilities in games like Phantasy Star Online which was influenced by SEGA’s Dreamcast. Players even had the option to purchase a Game Boy adapter to plug into the bottom of the console to play those games on a bigger screen. The console also saw the birth of many franchises such as Metroid Prime and Luigi’s Mansion which continue to this day. Many players still enjoy the GameCube to this day and have mods ready to bring the console to modern displays such as HDMI adapters. From Super Mario Sunshine to Twilight Princess, its a joy of a console. The iconic controller persists as one of the influential controllers of its time. Even now, manufacturers and Nintendo still make GameCube controllers for modern platforms like the Switch.

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