New Report Claims Nintendo Switch 2 to Feature Magnetic Joy-Con

    New information suggests current Joy-Con may not be compatible.

    Spanish games outlet Vandal is reporting new information regarding the Nintendo Switch 2, which was obtained from accessory manufacturers. The outlet claims that Nintendo Switch 2 will offer Joy-Con once again, but they will connect via a magnetic strip on the sides of the console. It is unclear what the Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch 2 will be called or even if they will be referred to as Joy-Con.

    This means that it’s possible Nintendo Switch Joy-Con will not be compatible with this new system, as these controllers utilize a rail system to slot into the console. However, the outlet claims that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will function with the Switch 2. 

    In addition to this information, the outlet also shared that the console is bigger than the Nintendo Switch but smaller than the Steam Deck. This is likely due to new internals, which are rumored to include bigger storage, new hardware, and more, which we likely won’t know about until the reveal. Accessory manufacturers have had their hands on the Nintendo Switch 2 but reportedly were not allowed to look at it. This was done by having the system in an opaque box. 

    Regarding the release date, Vandal states that its sources claim Nintendo is ready to put out the system but is opting to hold off on offering more titles around launch. As we’ve previously reported, this is in line with the early 2025 reports created by many.

    Nintendo Switch 2 is highly anticipated and expected to bring many exciting titles alongside it, including the next major 3D Mario title at launch. We’ll be sure to update you as more credible information is released. 

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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