Metaphor: ReFantazio Details ‘Fast & Squad’ Battle System and Features

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    ATLUS revealed new details about Studio Zero-developed fantasy RPG Metaphor: ReFantazio, including the “Fast & Squad” battle system, dungeons, party features, and so much more. 

    An exciting trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio was revealed at The Game Awards 2023, revealing a fall 2024 launch window. Following the show, more details were revealed by ATLUS in a new interview video with Hashino, Soejima, and composer Shoji Meguro. Metaphor: ReFantazio appears to be ATLUS’ last major release of 2024, after Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance and Persona 3 Reload Episode Aigis: The Answer release.

    Metaphor: ReFantazio Brings a New Fast & Squad Battle System

    In Metaphor: ReFantazio, the “Fast & Squad” battle system lets players fight in dungeons in a way that wasn’t possible in turn-based battles. Players can switch between real time action (Fast) and the turn-based command battle (Squad). Meanwhile, Gallica can detect the party’s surroundings and understand the danger level of enemies with Fae Sight. 

    While in the Fast battle mode, players can effectively fight a lower-ranked enemy in the field they’ve already fought. The protagonist may use the lock-on function, dash, and evade while landing attacks and wiping enemies out quickly. The Fast attack style depends on the Archetypes equipped by the player. 

    Enemies indicated in yellow or red through Fae Sight are monsters that pose a danger to the protagonist. As a result, these enemies must be battled in a Squad command battle. Although these enemies can’t be defeated in Fast battle, attacking them in Fast will stun the enemy & begin the Squad command battle with an advantage in Metaphor: ReFantazio

    In command battles, a party of up to four characters will take turns selecting and performing moves. The protagonists can transform into awakened Archetypes, which each have their own special skills and strengths and weaknesses. Players also have additional options in Squad, such as handing their turn over, switching between front and back rows, and swapping out party members. 

    Dungeons and Archetypes

    During the Metaphor: ReFantazio playthrough, players will enter and tackle numerous dungeons. These dungeons are filled with obstacles and enemies, but treasures and powerful gear await for those willing to conquer them. Two types of dungeons will be available: main and side. Main dungeons are available in the main story, whole side dungeons are available in side quests and other challenges. 

    When the protagonist faces their fears and forms bonds with their supportive followers, they awaken the power of Archetypes. These heroic images allow the protagonists to transform and gain a variety of attributes and skills. Players may transform into Archetypes in command battles and unleash their abilities. 

    The Archetypes possessed by the party members and the combination of Archetypes will greatly change the strategy in turn-based battles. When a party member awakens a new Archetype, the Archetype will be available to swap with other Archetypes. 

    Bonds and Followers

    The protagonist will befriend many people and deepen his bonds with them, turning them into his strongest supporters. Strengthening these bonds will lead to bonds can lead to Archetype awakenings and the acquisition of various abilities.

    Interacting with followers will unlock their side stories and allows for a deeper storytelling experience.​

    ​Each follower has their own unique story and background, and following their stories in addition to the main story is part of the appeal of this game. It’s up to the player to decide which followers to prioritize interacting with. The way the journey is spent will greatly influence party development and the story experience.

    Traveling on the Gauntlet Runner

    The Gauntlet Runner is a large armored vehicle designed to move safely through dangerous areas, including wastelands. The vehicle is powered by magic with as a self-propelled mechanism. The party may take various actions in the vehicle, including cooking, reading, chatting with friends, and napping. Various facilities are available in the Gauntlet Runner, and events may take place as well. 

    Martira, Old Castle Town, is a pastoral town that is a complete shift from the Royal Capital.​This town is famous for its local cuisine using a specific type of larvae, served to entertain tourists.​ At first glance, the town appears peaceful, but the surrounding desert is home to a monster called the “Giant Sandworm”, instilling fear among the residents, not to mention a certain incident that is also endangering them.​

    In towns, the party may visit the “Recruitment Centre” to accept and fulfill requests such as defeating monsters. ​Players have a chance of obtaining valuable items alongside their bounty rewards for completing requests. However, it’s worth noting that some of the requests are very dangerous. 

    Additional Town Facilities

    Each of the game’s towns has a tavern, a place where the people of the town relax. Besides a meal, the party may also buy information, including enemy and demon information, from informants. ​After a tiring day, the party may rest at inns. Resting at inns will end the day and begin the next.

    Equipment for party members may be purchased at weapon and armor shops in town. Unidentifiable loot from dungeons may also be appraised at these shops. This is a must-visit shop before exploring dungeons. 

    While in towns, players should also tackle side quests and help those in need. The protagonists must “conquer the main quest within their designated period of stay,” and side quests aid in strengthening the party. The time limit for the journey is about six months, and its up to the party to gain the trust of the people. 

    Opening the town map allows players to check the places they’ve previously visited. The player may move to their desired spot instantly within the town they’re currently in. 

    Daily Life

    In Metaphor: ReFantazio, the concept of “dates” exists so that players can enjoy a realistic experience of daily life while traveling. In today’s world, travel often has a fixed itinerary, such as three days and two nights. Similarly, players can enjoy spending time at each place of stay in this game as if it were a modern person’s travel experience.​

    During the journey, the protagonists will visit a variety of places, including bustling, developed cities like the Royal Capital, pastoral towns, and waterfront cities. And at each place of stay, various encounters and incidents await: the people who live there, unique facilities, local specialties, and sometimes monsters that threaten the locals.​

    What to do, when to do it, and where to go within a limited period—the choice is entirely up to the player. The “realistic sensation” of travel unique to this work can be enjoyed to the fullest.

    Royal Capital Grand Trad

    Royal Capital Grand Trad is the capital of the Kingdom of Euchronia, which is where this game takes place.​

    A city where many people come and go and where various Tribes live. The well-maintained streets and bustling markets give an impression of splendor.​

    On the other hand, there is an execution site in the backstreets of the town, and people with nowhere to go cower by the side of the road.​

    In the world of this game, the gap between rich and poor and discrimination are widespread. Even here in the Royal Capital, various problems have arisen, and it seems that more than just a few people are living with anxiety.

    Check out the new screenshots below, courtesy of ATLUS

    Metaphor: ReFantazio releases on October 11 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam and Windows). Lastly, the game’s Steam page confirms Spanish (Latin America) support will be available in a post-launch update.

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