According to a new report from VGC, paywalls are being considered for the upcoming E3 2021 digital event. This paywall comes in the place of a “premium package” of extra access and game demos from the event. However, major gaming companies have spoken to the ESA with criticism over this sort of paywall. An ESA organizer states that “whatever happens, consumers would be able to access some sort of free experience. Additionally, E3 is being rebranded as the “Electronic Entertainment Experience” since there won’t be an in-person expo. Here’s the pitch for E3 2021:

“In 2021, E3 is much more…. Welcome to the Electronic Entertainment EXPERIENCE. International, Inclusive. Innovative, Irresistible and ‘in your hands’ wherever you live.

E3 2021 is NOT an in-person event turned virtual.

E3 2021 is a vanguard and culturally significant digital tent-pole for all corners of the industry and its consumers, from mobile and PC gaming to eSports to watershed console and AAA debuts, all of which will generate massive mainstream attention, offer unprecedented secure game demos while accelerating your B2B, B2M and B2C objectives.”

The ESA wants to partner with Nvidia to leverage the use of GeForce Now for new demos. Details about the possible partnership with Nvidia is scarce outside of this. Lastly, the ESA will provide more details about E3 2021 soon. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest gaming news and support us on Patreon!

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