GamesBeat is reporting that Discord could potentially be in the final stages of a purchase worth more than $10,000,000,000. You can read about this rumor below.

Any potential buyer with more than $10 billion on hand to buy Discord is likely to be a really large game company, but more likely the suitor would be a platform owner like Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, or Google. Some game companies are bound to be worried that Discord, which serves critical roles in connecting game studios and publishers with their communities, could be acquired by a party that would only be interested in one of those communities. Microsoft did not respond to a request for comment.

Acquiring Discord would turn the company from an independent firm serving all of gaming and other communities to one that serves a specific parent company, much like what happened with Amazon acquired Twitch or Microsoft acquired the (now-defunct) Mixer. Citron’s previous company, OpenFeint, was successful in a sense that it was acquired by Gree for $104 million in 2011. But a lot of users complained about that change in ownership, and Gree eventually shut it down. It’s not likely that a similar outcome with Discord would be satisfying to Citron.

Any deal would likely be at a greater valuation than the $7 billion in December, as secondary market sales — where employees and other shareholders sell their stock options to others in order to get liquidity (instant cash) — suggest a price above $10 billion. If a bidding war occurs for Discord, it’s easy to believe its price could soar even higher, our source said. A second source familiar with the context of the possible sale said that they wouldn’t be surprised if the bidding took the value beyond $20 billion.

Below, you can find a summary of the application straight from Discord’s official website.

Discord gives you the power to create your own place to belong. Your Discord server is your home, shared with only the special people you invite.

Topic-based text channels give you an organized way to talk about all the things you love. Share your latest cooking mishaps while coordinating next week’s game night.

Ready to hang out? Grab a seat in a voice channel. They’re your server’s lounge areas, designed so you can pop in and out of voice and video conversations throughout the day.

*Update* Microsoft is currently in talks to potentially purchase Discord for over $10 billion according to Bloomberg. However, Discord is likely to go public instead of being sold.

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